Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Woodland Park Zoo!

I am a spoiled zoo-goer. What in the heck is that??? It's the term I invented for someone who grows up with season passes to the San Diego Zoo, arguably the best zoo in the world. I went to that zoo so many times as I was growing up, and it really does spoil you for life. Every other zoo you ever go to will fade in comparison. In fact, the only other zoo I had EVER been to besides it was the Australia Zoo. But I decided it was finally time to give Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo a try. It's only $5 with our Microsoft discount card! And you know what? It was pretty cool! I can't remember anyplace at the San Diego Zoo where you can get a picture like this one:
(Be sure to click on the picture to make it bigger, so you can see Kirsten's face!)Is that cool or what?? I did think Woodland Park Zoo was a good zoo. Not as great as San Diego Zoo of course, but also not nearly as crowded and not nearly as expensive. I went for the first time with my friend Kate a couple of weeks ago. It was the middle of the day, so lots of the animals were sleeping, but we saw this beautiful tiger!

Kirsten had a fun time, and she loved looking at the animals as long as they were moving. If the animals were sleeping or just sitting still, I don't think she could even see them at all!

CUTE little monkey! I wanted to take him home!

The highlight of the day was the gorgeous jaguar. It was hard to get a good picture of him, because he kept pacing back and forth and didn't really stop moving. But we were literally only a sheet of glass away from him. I've never been so close to one before!

See, THAT'S how close we were! He was so cool!

Too bad this picture turned out blurry.

How cute is this giraffe family??? Kirsten loved the giraffes.

We didn't have time to see all the zoo animals, so I'm sure I'll be going back. It was a fun day at the Zoo and kept Kirsten really entertained!


  1. great photos... our zoo is pretty good and if you are ever stuck in cincinati you should check that zoo out... pretty great...

    PS - we love the jaguar in our house. The first one in that habitat was name Gordo and my 7 year old loved that thing... we used to go to the zoo on rainy winter saturdays just the 2 of us and Gordo and Ben would race each other along the glass... it was AWESOME... i wish i had a video... alas Gordo moved on i heard because he wasn't mating.. i think the new one is named Junior.

  2. ASHLEY...again our BLOGS co-ordinate!! (well...sortof) Mine is called WILD KINGDOM --about my new satin sheets; and yours is about visiting a WILD KINGDOM--the zoo!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

    I love love love that picture of Kirsten as a Butterfly!! That would be so cute on a greeting card!!!

    and I am so jealous...I have never been to the San Diego zoo....but it is one of my life goals!!!

    Spencer has been and he said it is THE BEST!!!

    Those animals are just beautiful. That jaguar is breathtaking!!! ♥

    You look GORGEOUS in that pic with your gorgeous little girl!!!

    These are all GRRREAT pictures!!! :)

  3. You got some REALLY great shots - love the giraffe family, the jaguar, the monkey....and that one of Kirsten as a butterfly is TOO sweet!

    We had a really great zoo in Wichita, KS. I feel a bit, spoiled, too. We had passes and went all the time. SLC Hogle zoo pretty much sucks by comparison. I always get excited and want to go, then remember how expensive it is and pretty boring.

  4. We love the zoo!
    We have two great ones really close to home. We have the Columbus Zoo, you know the one Jack Hannah used to run and still has a role in running. Yes, the Jack Hannah.
    Then we also have the Cincinnati Zoo which is even closer and pretty good too. (Not as stroller friendly though.)
    Our problem is deciding which one to go to!
    I love all the big cats and the giraffes.

  5. Those pictures turned out so nice! that zoo looks pretty cool!

  6. I agree, the Taronga Zoo in Australia is probably one of the best zoo's I've been to. I even got a travel agent rate of 1/2 off when I went. Love the butterfly pic.

  7. How fun! That first picture of Kirsten is so cute!! I love the San Diego Zoo, Nathan and I went there over Christmas last year, it really is amazing! It is huge! But I am so glad that this zoo was great too!

  8. what a great zoo! i'm so jealous. we would definitely be there all the time. loved all the pictures.

  9. We like to go to the zoo too! Cincinnati does have a pretty good zoo. NC is not that great...too much walking for too few animals. I am glad that guys had fun!!

  10. Marla: That's such cool info about the jaguar! He's totally the best thing about the zoo!

    Merrianne: I know, what is with us and our matching blog posts??? This is getting crazy! :) Thank you for all the compliments!! You should definitely go to the San Diego Zoo someday, it's awesome. We should plan San Diego vacations at the same time. Wouldn't that be TOO much fun??? I could show you all the best sights!

    Alyssa: Thanks! The butterfly picture is my favorite too! I never went to the Hogle Zoo while I lived in Utah, because I heard all about how unimpressive it was and I didn't really want to see animals stuck in sad little habitats.

    Jeanette: I've gotten several comments about the Cincinnati Zoo, so it must be a good one too! I bet you have a great time there!

    Tiffany: Thank you!

    Michelle: I didn't know you've been to Australia! I actually went to the Australia Zoo, the one Steve Irwin ran, not the Taronga Zoo. It was really cool though, it had some fun shows and I got to hold a koala bear!

    Whitney, Kelly, and Kristina: Thanks for the fun comments!

  11. Awesome pictures! :) Love the Kirsten butterfly, and the ones of you and her -- bummer about the blurry one. :( How come the blurry ones are always the best?

    Zoos are great, and I can tell you both had a wonderful time!

    And thanks for always commenting on my posts - It makes me feel so special! :) :) :D

  12. I'm a Zoo-Lover myself and have yet to see the San Diego Zoo, but am dying to go!

    You're a girl after my own heart, I LOVE animals as well and hope to take my kids to the zoo as often as you take yours.

    You're WONDERFUL Ashley!!! I just want to move to Seattle RIGHT NOW to go to the Zoo with you all the time :)

  13. Smith fam: Thanks for commenting on mine too! It does make me feel special. :) I loved the butterfly picture the most too.

    Rebecca: You are such a sweetheart! Thanks for saying such nice things! :) I do adore animals, I'd have a whole houseful of pets if I could. I wish you'd move here too so we could go to the zoo and all KINDS of places together! It would be so fun!

  14. I always feel a little disappointed at the zoo. (We also visit Woodland Park Zoo.) It just isn't as engaging as I would expect. Our son likes the Zoomazium part best of all.

    Have you taken your little girl to Remlinger Farm, out in Carnation? It's a huge hit with our two year old. Kiddie rides, a hay "jump", a barn animal area, a little train ride, u-pick berries/pumpkins, and a kid-friendly restaurant.

    It's a long drive for us, but worth it. :)


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