Monday, August 25, 2008

Walking At the Beach!

I LOVE living only a 5 minute drive away from this beach! Isn't it gorgeous? It's right on the Puget Sound!
There's a little grassy park adjacent to the beach, and at first all Kirsten wanted to do there was play with the car keys. This picture says it all without words: "Give me those keys!"

After I gave her the keys, she was willing to pose for a few pictures. . .

And then we went walking! This trip was actually from a few weeks ago, when she had first started getting brave enough to walk around the grass on her own. She was so cute, wobbling around the grass and trying not to fall!

Now there's a look of intense concentration!

And here are some pictures of the beach. It's a rocky beach, that's for sure, and a little more rugged than some of the more popular beaches around Seattle. But I think the water and the rocks are really beautiful, and you can't beat a 5 minute drive!


  1. Hey Ashley! Those are such cute pictures!! and you are CAN'T beat a 5 minute drive to the beach!!! {who cares if it is a little rocky & rugged!!} i would LOVE to be that close!!! {maybe one day!!!}

    She is a cutie pie! I love the look on concentration :) and i remember when my daughter was addicted to my keys!!!! oh my gosh...that was 9 years ago when she was 1 & loving my keys....i am getting OLD!!!!!

  2. She is so cute! It is nice to find such nice blogs in this blosgshere! My sis, Ann who has never posted on this sister blog!)lives on Mercer Island and we love to go out to the Puget sound when we visit. What a gorgeous area of the country to live in and to enjoy. It makes for the best kind of evenings out for cheap/and great entertainment. Your baby is so beautiful and I love all the sweet looks on her face. So adorable!

  3. What a fun adventure. You seriously make me want to move near you so that we can enjoy all the fun adventures.

  4. Dang. I wish we were only 5 min from the beach!!! She is so darling, I know I have said this before, but I LOVE Her blue blue eyes!

  5. Ashley,
    I am so glad we have found one another's blogs! It will be so fun to keep in touch! You have an adorable family! Your little girl is just so cute!
    Lots of love,

  6. your daughter is absolutely ADORABLE! living next to a beach would be nice, we don't have any of those in wichita...hehe. i just talked to my friend kara on the phone tonight (she also lives in Seattle) and she said it was gorgeous out today, kinda wet, but so nice and cool.

  7. What cute pictures!
    We did not live very far from the beach but Red never liked going there much. He didn't like the wind. By the time he was starting to get into it and enjoy it, we moved. :-(

  8. Good for you for taking advantage of living so close to the beach! Looks like you're passing on your love of it to your daughter.

  9. Gorgeous pics Ash! I wish I lived close to a beach!!!


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