Friday, August 8, 2008


'So You Think You Can Dance' has been by far the most entertaining show this summer. I've been loving it! And last night was the finale. I figured the winner would be Joshua, and I was RIGHT! Joshua is America's new favorite dancer. It was down to Joshua and Twitch at the very end. I wouldn't have been disappointed either way, because they were both such unique and awesome dancers. I also thought it was cool that Katie won a prize for being the top girl!

I thought it was a really enjoyable finale to watch, and I think I'll be keeping it on my DVR for awhile because of all the amazing dances that they re-did. I loved seeing Nigel and Mary dance, and I loved it when they brought back the contestants from past seasons and had them dance. I thought Travis was still SUCH a stand-out, and he totally should have won season 2. The only part I didn't like was the creepy nightmare scene with the people dancing around in huge rabbit masks. Freaked me out!!!

For anyone else who watched the finale, I'd love to hear your thoughts!
And I'm pretty excited for the OLYMPICS to start tonight! Is anyone else excited?


  1. Katrina and I love it and the rabbit dance freaked her out too! I thought Katie was the best "technically", but was happy for Joshua.

  2. You know what I can't wait to see??? A video of YOU doing some of those dances they did on that show!!! You & your Hubby would BE AN AWESOME PAIR!!!

    and yes...I am VERY VERY excited about the Olympics starting tonight!! And it is 8-8-08...and 8 is China's most LUCKY number * the Olympics are in CHINA this time!!
    Isn't that AWESOME how that worked out?!?!?!

    Things like that are just amazing to me!!! wooo hooo!! ☺

  3. I was surprised that Joshua won--I thought that Twitch had the bigger fan base for sure! Honestly, I thought they were equally amazing so I didn't prefer one over the other. And for the girls, I'm glad Katee won, as I liked her better than Courtney--although my personal favorite was Chelsie Hightower! LOL

    I loved how they showed the dancers from the past seasons and wished that part had been longer. I've watched since the beginning but I just didn't remember some of them! I do remember Blake, the winner from Season 1--he was amazing! And I also loved Travis, and couldn't choose between him & Benji. Both really great at what they do! It made me wish I could watch the old shows over again.

    And yeah--that bunny rabbit thing was psycho. Whoa, that's the stuff of nightmares! And it's making me think Wade Robson is a one-trick pony. Don't all his dances look bizarre?

  4. The Rabbits were totally SCARY!!! HATED THEM... I was also super happy that Joshua won. I also liked the past season dancers. I loved seeing Ivan and Travis and Lauren :)

  5. OH MAN! Our TV broke before we left for Nauvoo and so we haven't been able to watch the past two weeks.

    Dang... I was not expecting him to win- but that's neat! :) He is very good. Same with Katie- she's amazing! But I was totally planning on Chelsie Hightower winning on the girls side.

    Total surprise here.

    Again, our TV broke so no luck watching Olympic's in high def, I only get to see snippets online. Hopefully everything will be fixed within the next week :) I am a HUGE fan of the Gymnastics's!

  6. Candice: I'm glad I wasn't the only one scared by the rabbits! Very true, Katie was the best technically. And so was Will! But Joshua and Twitch were so unique, I really think that's why they were the top 2.

    Merrianne: Me??? That would be FUN, that's for sure! I took lots of ballroom classes at BYU and I LOVED them, but Stephen has never really taken any. I miss dancing!
    Yes, I'm SO excited that the Olympics are in China, it will be fascinating. I am dying to go there!!!

    Heidi: I did think Joshua would win because he had never been in the bottom three and Twitch had before. But I wouldn't have been shocked either way. I loved Chelsea too, I thought she should have been in the finale! YES, almost all of Wade Robson's routines look very bizarre and nightmarish but that one was the worst I've seen!

    Hoy Family: I HATED them too. They scared me so bad!

    Rebecca: Your TV broke? How sad is that! I loved Chelsea too and I thought she'd be in the top 2 girls. She was such an amazing ballroom dancer! I hope your TV gets fixed soon!

  7. I'm SO glad Joshua won! I actually voted for him for about an hour wednesday night. I've become one of those people who only votes on finales. :o) But I started to like him from his first dance - "No Air." I loved his disco with Chelsie, the Bollywood, The Russian dance was AMAZING!, his samba....just loved them all.

    And the opening ceremony for the Olympics BLEW MY MIND. InCREDible!!

  8. I got totally hooked on that show, too, but I don't remember Mary dancing. Was that on the finale? My DVR cut off the first half. Arg.

    I thought for certain that Twitch would win, since it seemed like he had the most screaming female fans.

    I liked the blonde Chelsea and was bummed when she didn't make the top four. The other two girls were obviously talented but I felt like their style was similar and repetitive. Katee was amazing when she was choreographed, though - so versatile!

    Some of the choreography was amazing and some was so silly that my husband couldn't believe it wasn't in jest!


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