Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Labor Day!

Doesn't Labor Day always seem to be such a final mark that summer is officially over? I guess it has lots to do with the fact that school usually starts around this time. The weather cools off (depending on where you live), the days aren't quite so long, and it's that last day that everybody scrambles around to go swimming, hit the beach, and have BBQ's on the back patio.

Here in Washington, it feels like summer ended a couple of weeks ago because we've had lots of cool, misty weather and it's felt like fall already! But this year OUR summer will stretch on for a couple weeks because we're going to San Diego to visit my family on a late summer vacation. Starting soon, we'll be at the beach, swimming, going to theme parks, and continuing our summer fun! We're so excited! Of course San Diego is also the land of perpetual summer. This (OLD!) picture is from a Labor Day many years ago, when I was playful and carefree at the beach with my cousin Pam. Weren't we stylin' in our floatys?
So I hope everyone has a GREAT day and an awesome tribute to the end of summer! Happy BBQ'ing! Stephen made these beautiful chicken and pineapple kebabs on the grill last week. They sure tasted like summer, even though the poor guy had to stand over the grill with an Umbrella because it was raining that day! I think he's decided he never wants to grill in the rain again. But they were yummy! And that glass of total deliciousness next to the plate? That, my friends, is Brazilian Limeade! It's the best!

So happy End of Summer to everyone! We will miss the gorgeous weather but I have to admit I'm thrilled to death that it will be full-blown FALL when I come back from vacation. Fall is my very favorite season!!!


  1. Oh, you fashion queens! You were all so cute! We're going over to my cousins for a swim and BBQ party, even though summer ended when school started a month ago. We are actually hoping it doesn't rain today too. A rare thing in AZ, but we've had almost an inch in the last week, and it looks like it may continue. Who ever heard of a BBQ getting rained out in AZ!

  2. HAVE FUN FUN FUN!!!!! i know you will!! and i will be looking forward to reading about your adventures!!!!

    and i can totally see which one of those little girls is YOU!!! {the one on the left!} Looks JUST LIKE YOU still!!!! you are so cute!!!!

    i am ready for FALL, too!!!! wooo hoooo!!! i love that Chill in the air!!

  3. That's great that you'll get to see family AND enjoy a few more weeks of wonderful summer.

    We got a storm here last night. It was great. I turned off the A/C and opened this windows. It's actually cold enough in here this morning that I'm wearing a sweatshirt, pj pants and SOCKS. The high is like 67. It's crazy. Guess summer really is over.

    Hope you have fun in San Diego! Does this mean we won't be hearing from you as often?

  4. smart move going away since it looks like this labor day is going to be a cold one...50 right now in south everett!

  5. Omigosh,I want to come over and eat!!! YUMMM!!!! Funny... I hate to see summer end...but I am excited for fall!

  6. Ooo I wanna know how you make that Brazilian Lemonade!! YUMO!! :)

  7. Have so much fun in San Diego! You lucky lady.

  8. I remember you and Pam just so cute and little when we would come to visit you in California. What a fun picture and great memories! It's been raining here in Utah too.....Labor day was so cold we had to hit the movie theater!

  9. Man, is that true or what! Because Labor day was cold, rainy and 60 sad Summer is ending!!


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