Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Slide Show of Family Portraits

For anyone who's interested in seeing the slide show from our family portrait session at the beach you can see it at this link:

It's going to be really hard for me to choose which ones to order!
Any ideas about which ones are best are really appreciated!!!
(And no, I did not choose the strange music in the background. It makes me feel like I'm in an elevator at Nordstrom's though!)


  1. Those are all so beautiful!!! I have no clue I always order too many! Kristen has such pretty blue eyes!! Good luck choosing! :)

  2. HA HA! Yes is definitely some ELEVATOR music!! ☺

    and my goodness...the pictures are all gorgeous!! Of course I love the ones with ALL 3 of you in there. You gotta order some of those.

    But it would be HARD for me to choose!!!! ♥

  3. I like the bubbles! All the family shots are fabulous!

    What a wonderful thing to be such a happy family!

  4. Those are so cute!!! I love the ones where she is playing with daddy's face and you two are looking at her. So So cute!!! I love, love, love that last picture.

  5. Good look choosing!! Those are some very beautiful pictures of your family. My favorites are the ones where the camera is not being looked at. Very nice pictures. : )

  6. I love all of them! I would definitely get at least a 4x6 of all because they are so cute. Seriously, what a fantastic photographer!

  7. For sure pics of all THREE of you... but I DO love the one where you have your head down on hers... and she is looking away... they are great pics!!!

  8. So cute! I love them all!! I love the one where she's sticking her tongue out/licking her lips--priceless! Also, the ones of you all in the park and laughing are fabulous, and the one with the three of you walking. They're all perfect! I am of no assistance on this, I am sure, but, they are all gorgeous!

  9. Groovy music! ;)
    I really like, well, almost all of them. It would be a super-tough pick. But the following stood out as especially sweet:
    ~The one towards the end where Kirsten is standing in the grass.
    ~Also towards the end, all three of you sitting under a tree, where you and Stephen are laughing down @ Kirsten. (There were two very similar, I like the first most.)It's beautiful.
    ~Pretty much all your whole-family pictures turned out amazing. Don't know how you did it!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  10. such cute pics ash!!! i love them! good luck choosing. my faves..(but then again this is totally my style of photography) the three of you walking from behind and the one of you and stephen looking down at Kirsten laughing. SO DARLING!!


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