Friday, August 15, 2008

Fantasy Friday!

I borrowed the idea for a Fantasy Friday from my friend Merrianne, and I decided to do a post about the thing I've been fantasizing about lately more than any other!
Going on a vacation to. . .


The Great Wall has been on my list of MUST-SEE'S in life for a really long time. With the Beijing Olympics and all the Travel Channel specials about China lately my hunger to go there has only increased, but it has always been there!

The things I fantasize most about seeing in China and could NOT miss for the world include some of the following:

-The Great Wall of course! Also Beijing and the Forbidden City!

-I am dying to see the Leshan Buddha, the largest Buddha in the world! This would be a breathtaking experience!

-The Hanging Monastery

-The Li River and all the really amazing mountains in southern China!

-The Terracotta Warriors in Xian

-I watched a Travel Channel show called Passport to China and saw the host, Samantha Brown, go to an amazing panda reserve where she actually got to HOLD and CUDDLE with a baby panda! I will never rest until I get to hold a panda bear too!!!

-The Chinese New Year celebration! If I'm going on this dream trip someday, I'd better do it right all the way!

I have traveled in Asia before, in Thailand and Cambodia, and it was some of the most fascinating traveling I have ever done in my life. I'll have to do some posts about those places, because they were life-changing. I get SO excited just thinking about going to China.
I vow to myself and to all my blog readers that I WILL see and experience all these things someday!


  1. Ashley, there is NO DOUBT IN MY MIND that you will, in fact, go & fulfill your life-long dreams!!!!

    Those are awesome pictures!!!

    by the way....i was trying to do the Mosiac thing you tagged mw with, but i couldn't figure it out-- i am still trying though :)

  2. You didnt say.... why were you in Thailand and Cambodia??? What an experience! I would love to hear all about THAT! PICS too!!!

    I have LOVED watching the olympics! Last nights gymnastics was AWESOME! GO USA!!!

  3. Such pretty pictures - I totally want to go there someday too!!! SO PRETY!!!!

  4. There really are so many awesome places and things to see in China isn't there? I've loved Panda bears since I was a little girl so going to a Panda refuge would be just amazing! And I agree about the mountains in China looking so amazing. I can't imagine what it would be like to actually see them in person.

  5. Oh wow! I've never been to Asia but my word, I'd love to go. I'm sure Thailand and Cambodia must have been ammaaazzzinngg!

  6. That would be so amazing! Let me know when you are going and we should go together!!!!

  7. Merrianne: I know I will too, someday! It gets harder to be such an international traveler when you have kids. :) But of course it's worth it!

    Da Bergs: I went on a study abroad through BYU, and we visited Thailand, Cambodia, Australia, and New Zealand! I'll do some posts on them for sure!

    Susan: Yeah I will!

    Hoy Family: I know, China is gorgeous!

    Jeanette: There are SO many amazing places in the world that it's hard to choose one to go to, but China tops my list right now, I'm pretty sure.

    Her Shabbyness: YES, they were amazing!!!

    Tiffany: That would be such a blast!

  8. OHHHH! I have been to so many of those sites and I am so dying to go back! Just a tip, go between October-December or March or April. I've priced tickets for next year and you can get a round trip ticket to Beijing for a little over $500 round trip. Don't fly into Shanghai, too expensive. And fly with Canada Air. They're the cheapest I've found. I hope you go!!!


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