Wednesday, August 13, 2008

15 Months Old Today!!!

Kirsten is 15 months old now and the huge news this month is that she is WALKING everywhere! She walks around the house more often than she crawls now, and she also loves to go outside and walk around while holding my hand. She still trips up and falls and she's not the steadiest walker yet, but she's getting so good at it! Other milestones this month:
-Pointing at lots of things and then looking at me so I'll say what it is
-Making the chicken sound: "Bop bop" Although she only did it when she saw real chickens, and won't when she sees pictures in the books
-She's starting to act more independent, and is definitely eager to let us know when she wants something
-Said "Bubble" once when we were outside blowing bubbles. She doesn't repeat words yet, just says them once and then stops!
Her favorite things this month:
-Walking! She loves to walk up and down the sidewalk outside our house and usually doesn't want to go back inside
-Snacking on animal crackers
-Reading books and pulling DVD's off the shelves
-Playing in the blow-up baby pool outside
-Seeing doggies
-Trying to chase our kitties

Here she is munching on some yummy grass.

She's such a happy little girl most of the time, although she has been giving me a really rough time this week. She gets frustrated more quickly now when she can't have what she wants, and sometimes it seems like she doesn't even know what she wants. I wish I could read her little mind! But, of course, how could you ever stay annoyed at this face?

Happy 15 months, Kirsten! I love you!!!


  1. HAPPY 15 MONTHS!!! :)

    She is such a cutie pie!!!

  2. Tristan does the pointing thing too. he talks but refuses to walk. he will point and say "mom, whats that?" This age is so fun. It goes by so fast!

  3. She is just so cute! Sounds like she's growing up fast.

    Let me know if you're ever down in Seattle on a Tuesday or Thursday, and we can go to the Children's Museum together and she can explore. She'll love it!

  4. Happy 15 months! I just can't get over her hair! It is sooo cute!

  5. She has the prettiest blue eyes!!!

  6. I just wanna kiss those chubby cheeks!!!

    Looks like she's over her fear of the grass? Maybe now that she can WALK (woohoo!) it's not quite the prickly enemy it once was. :)

    Love the pictures, love your family, love the blog! Happy 15-month-day Kirsten!

  7. HAPPY 15 MONTHS!!!

    You're such a CUTE baby!!! :)

  8. She's so cute! Time flies. Enjoy the moment...

  9. Can you believe how they just keep getting more and more fun! Love her hair. Caleb is still nearly bald. I love the first walking stage. Caleb's head is covered with marks from falling down.

  10. Merrianne: Thank you!!!

    Brooke: Wow, he says it that clearly? Pretty amazing!

    Carrie: That would be so fun! I'd love to go there with you, we've never been!

    Whitney and Da Bergs: Thanks so much!

    Smith family: Yeah, she's much better on the grass now that she can walk on it! She still prefers to walk on sidewalk or sit on blankets, but the grass doesn't make her cry anymore. Yay!

    Rebecca and Jody: Thank you!

    AZAlgers: Her knees are lots more bruised than her head. She usually just falls down on her knees or her bum. Is Caleb walking pretty good now too?

  11. Ashley, Just wanted to thank you for your comment on my organization blog. So kind of you! Your family blog is darling and your little girl is beautiful! Thanks again, Linn


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