Monday, August 11, 2008

I Got The New Bedding!

I DID get the bedding from Pottery Barn that I posted about awhile ago! And I know you all wanted to see how it looks, so. . .
Here's my bed BEFORE. Kinda boring, huh? (Except, of course, for the two cute kitties on the bed. Herbie and Tigger are never boring!)And here's my bed AFTER, with the new duvet cover on my down comforter and new pillow shams! Doesn't it look so much more vibrant and fun? Of course it doesn't look as awesome on my bed as it does in the catalog or the store, but I guess that's always the case. I am loving the fabric though! It makes me feel happy!

Kirsten had lots of fun playing while I was changing the bedding. She's showing a lot of personality in these photos!

I didn't know my new duvet cover would get APPLAUSE!

Aren't these pointing pictures so funny and cute?

More pictures of the happy girl!

What do you all think of the change?


  1. Is that the same one from the pictures in the other post??? I love it! I love that bright, fun fabric and it's definitely a huge improvement from before!

  2. WOOO HOOO! I LOVE IT! I think it is absolutely adorable & fun & cheery!!! And so colorful that you will not see too many stains in case you eat or drink in bed!!!! :)

    KIRSTEN is sooooo cute! And I especially love the POINTING pictures!!! ha haaaa!!! She is a Cutie Patootie!! ☺

  3. I like all THREE of your children. I like the new look. Now just get the cats and Kristen each green bows to wear so they can also be your accents.

  4. She is soooooooooooo stinkin' cute!!! I LOVE the fabric!!! Did you see the chair that they have in the same fabric???!!!!

  5. Very cute bedding, Ashley! How fun! And your little girl is SO adorable! She's made to be in front of a camera! ;)

    I'm glad that you found my blog, and I'm enjoying reading yours! It sounds like you are doing really well!


  6. I love it! It adds a lot of personality to your room! And Kirsten is sooo cute!

  7. I was wondering if you got that bedding or not. Totally jealous. It looks great with the green. And Miss Kirsten is too cute! She looks like you.

  8. How bright, fun and cute! And the bedding ain't so bad, either. :-)

  9. You know what? I think I like it better seeing it on your bed than I did when I saw the catalog picture. It looks really good and does brighten up your room.
    Such cute pictures! L started doing the pointing thing this weekend. It is so cute!

  10. LOVE IT!!! Makes me want new bedding!!! hmmm... Pay day is Friday and I am a compulsive shopper... Ah the possibilities! :) But the new fabric is FANTASTIC!

  11. super cute.. i really like it! and your girl is such a DOLL!

  12. Wow! What a transformation! I love it! I wanna see more pictures of your home! I tag you to show more (well, it's not really a tag but I am just curious!). Love the bedding. Now I wanna get new ones for us!!! You inspired me!

  13. LOL!!! I love the pictures of your baby girl - she's so cute!

    NICE bed-set! So much rich color, and it's so welcoming :) Looks comfy!

  14. Rachel: Yep, same one! I'm glad you love it!

    Merrianne: Thanks! I know, it's very kid-friendly because if anyone spills or anything it'll just get lost in the pattern anyway. :) Aren't the pointing pictures so cute? I love them!

    Jody: That would be SO cute to put green bows on all of them and pose them as accents! :)

    Da Bergs: Thank you! I do LOVE the chair too! I wish I had room in my bedroom for it!

    Monica: Thank you! I'm really enjoying reading your blog too!

    Whitney: Thanks, you're so sweet!

    Amber: I'm glad you think it's fun too!

    Jeanette: Thanks! Love your comments!

    Hoy Family: Compulsive shopper... I totally understand! ;)

    Arica: Thanks! I'm so glad you commented!

    Tiffany: I'd love to show more pictures of my home! I didn't know anyone was interested :)

    Rebecca: Thanks so much! I love having the approval of such an artistic eye!

    Alyssa: I'm glad you think she looks like me. More often I hear that she looks like my husband.

  15. Love the new bedding. It always feels good to have something cheerful in the bedroom.

  16. How fun! Changing something like that makes such a big difference, doesn' it? I love the pictures of Kirsten. So, so cute.

  17. THose are my favorite colors! Beautiful. Your harp pictures are great too. Love you.

  18. Love it! It looks so pretty and bright. I love it.

  19. Congrats for your new bedding!! It has eye caching beauty!! I love the sweet baby pictures...

  20. I vastly prefer it with green rather than orange.


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