Sunday, August 17, 2008

Too Darn Hot!!!

Alright, everyone. . . I know I deserve it. I've been bragging all summer long about the gorgeous, mild temperatures here in Seattle and I finally got what was coming to me. Ask anyone living around Seattle if they mind not having air-conditioning in their houses, and they will say it's usually great, except for a few weekends and days here and there in the middle of summer. And this weekend is for SURE one of those weekends! Temperatures have climbed into the 90's and I am NOT loving it.

Ashley + Heat = Misery!!! Since we can't hide inside our lovely air-conditioned houses, we hang out at stores, restaurants, or just drive around in our cars with the AC blasting instead. This is the kind of weather that just makes you want to sit in front of a big fan. . . (I SO want a dog like that!)

Or, even better, to dive into a gorgeous, big pool of refreshing water! I'd die to go to this place, wherever it is!

To top it all off, yesterday I was booked to play the harp at a wedding at a restaurant in Seattle's Pike Place Market. I was all excited, thinking the restaurant would certainly have AC. Little did I know. . . none of the restaurants in Pike Place Market have AC. The buildings are old, and they all have amazing views of the Puget Sound and gorgeous ocean breezes. So why would they need AC? Well, usually not. . . except on the hottest weekend of the year!

So, I sat and played the harp while I was baking in a room where the sun streamed in through the windows, making the temperature climb higher every minute (or so it seemed). I actually felt sweat drip down my back a few times while I was playing. Sweat! And I almost never sweat, so you KNOW it was hot! My only source of relief. . . the raspberry cream Italian soda I bought at a stand in the Market before I started playing. Mmmm!

It's a little better today, and supposed to cool back down to the low 70's starting tomorrow. Yay! But I couldn't resist complaining about our heat wave we've been sweltering in this weekend.


  1. Man....that is Crazy! You would have to play the Harp in some NON-AIR-CONDITIONED area during the HOTTEST WEEKEND of the YEAR!!!

    Poor Ashley!!! Gosh....but I tell ya that Drink looks mighty tasty!!!

  2. That drink does look mighty tasty. I love italian soda's!

  3. I remember those days in Seattle. Hot, hot, hot with no AC. At least the humidity is not so bad out there.
    I miss trips down to Pike Place. I would drive downtown and pick up my husband from work. We would walk down a few blocks and wander through the market and almost always stop at Turkish Delight and get a Kabab for dinner. Memories! :-)
    Next time you are down there you should go get a Kabab!

  4. Ohhh no!! I hope it's cooling off! My parents live by the beach in California and don't have AC for that same reason, but, a few times a yeah, oh man, it's miserable. Stay cool!!

  5. Merrianne: I KNOW, why did it have to be that weekend??? Thanksfully there's a thunderstorm today and it's cooled everything off nicely!

    Shell: Me too!

    Jeanette: I'll have to try a Kabab from that place. It sounds yummy!

    Her Shabbyness: Yes, the thunderstorm today is cooling everything off and it's actually too COLD to go outside today. :) Weird, huh?

  6. Ashley...i just read your comment and it is SO FUNNY {another thing we have in common} my husband doesn't like Watermelons either!!! ha haaaa!!!

  7. You play the harp? I'm a would-be harpist myself - celtic, lever harp. It's been months since I pulled the cover off but once it cools down, I think I'll start working on those old tunes again.

    Too darn hot, wasn't it. Thank goodness it is cooler today.

  8. Merrianne: Wow, that is so funny! I thought my husband was the only one! :)

  9. Thanks for dropping by and checking out the chalk drawings! I spent the afternoon playing your flickr-picture game-but I couldn't get it to "enlarge" on my blog (darn!) It sure was fun to read your blog :)

  10. Mmmm I haven't had an italian soda forevers!!! :0>

  11. Wait a minute--your summer temperatures are backwards! We are FINALLLLLY enjoying a cooldown. Would it be inappropriate to rub it in? :-)

  12. Oooh, the 90's. Sounds like long pants weather to me! If it were in the 70's in August it would be too cold for us to swim. My kids would freeze! I do love the 70's Nov, and Dec and Jan and Feb. Where do you find all the cool pictures you post???

  13. Dolly: Thanks! Yeah, those were such cool chalk drawings!

    Kaci: Italian sodas are kind of hard to find. Not even all Italian restaurants have them. I love them though!

    Amber: Luckily, we got a thunderstorm a couple days later and now it's cool and rainy and beautiful again!

    AzAlgers: Yes, your kids would definitely freeze! We're hoping for nice warm weather in Phoenix for Thanksgiving so we can SWIM in Grandma's pool! A lot of the pictures that I don't take I find on Flickr. There are some really cool photographs on that site!

  14. lol! I must admit to a grin or two as I read about your heat wave... I've been jealous of your climate all summer long, and for that weekend anyway, I was glad to be here. (hehehehee)

    Thankfully, our old old old house was built with foot-thick walls downstairs. It actually stays cool inside most of the day - especially when we run the swamp cooler upstairs. I'm still blessing our home teachers for fixing that last summer. Otherwise it would be too hot to have the kids sleep up there.

    Anyway, hope things cooled off for you!!


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