Friday, August 22, 2008

Random 10 Friday!

*I love the idea of Random 10 Friday! I always enjoy reading it on a few of my friends' blogs, so I decided to try it out too!

*Fridays have always been my favorite day of the week! Always! Even when I had to work on Friday and go to school on Friday, it was like the ANTICIPATION of the weekend was better than the actual weekend. Know what I mean???

*Now that I’m starting to see Halloween decorations pop up in stores like Michaels, I’m getting SOOOOOO excited for Halloween! I love to go crazy in the house with decorations, but cute decorations only. I’m not into the horror or scary decorations. Cute Halloween decorations are some of my very favorite things!
I couldn’t resist buying this Martha Stewart craft kit. I can’t wait to make these fun pumpkin lanterns and hang them in front of a window!

*Don’t you hate it when you wake up in the morning and your neck feels all kinked up like you totally slept on it wrong? That was me a couple of days ago, and I’m still sore! I wish I knew how it happened but of course I don’t because I was ASLEEP!

*Tomorrow is the only Saturday in the month of August that I’m not booked to play the harp at a wedding. Although I love making money doing weddings, I am looking forward to a totally free Saturday! I’m feeling the pressure to come up with something really FUN to go do.

*I’m craving some delicious homemade Brazilian LIMEADE tonight! Hopefully I can convince Stephen to make it, because his is the very BEST!!

*I think the main purpose for Random 10 Friday is to list 10 songs I love that are playing randomly on my computer right now, to give people some new song ideas! So here are 10 of mine for this week:

1. All I Can See- Brendan James (WOW. . . anyone who loves to travel has to download this song! You’ll think he’s singing the words straight from your own heart!)

2. Just Dance- Lady GaGa (SO catchy and fun!)

3. Mercy- Duffy (All you SYTYCD fans will recognize this as the song from the dance with Twitch and Katie around the door!)

4. Rock Your Soul- Elisa (This song is just so pretty!)

5. Chase This Light- Jimmy Eat World (Has such a cool vibe)

6. The Way I Am- Ingrid Michaelson (This song is so sweet. It reminds me of my husband, who loves me just the way I am!)

7. Crush- David Archuleta (He has a new single already! Wow!)

8. Chasing Pavements- Adele (Gorgeous song!)

9. 1234- Feist (I know this is an older song, but for some reason I just recently discovered it. It’s totally catchy!)

10. Dark Blue- Jacks Mannequin (I actually found this one off the Twilight playlists from Stephenie Meyer’s website)

*Now I want to know what everyone thinks of my songs and my Random Friday post. Comments are the best! They totally make my day!


  1. Oh yea! Another participant! Your song choices are great, and I can't wait to check some of them out!!

    Thanks for playing!!

  2. It was fun to get to know you more! good post!

  3. comments DOO make the day.. and that playlist sure is something. i think if you got that whole jacks mannequin cd youd be pleased.. it's been one of my favorites for years. :)

  4. I love those pumpkins! I think I'll try them out, too.

    I had only heard of 2 of the songs on your list. I guess I'm old! :) I like Mercy by Duffy, too.

  5. I loved this idea, too. I feel like *every* day could be a random post day. So it's nice purposely do posts throughout the week, then Fridays is just whatever is passing through your head.

    You've got some great songs. Love 1234. And The way I am. And Mercy is so much better when you think of Katie banging on that door!! And when she hung onto the top and Twitch opened the door....schweet. Mia Michaels is a genius.

    Hope you come up with something fun for tomorrow!

  6. This is a great idea, I love it! I'll have to try it. I just got back from Tuscanos and I had some yummy Brazilian limeade :) I hope you get to have some tonight too!

  7. I LOVE Brazilian Limeade! We make it here quite often. I also enjoy decorating for Halloween. I put the decorations up on Oct. 1 so that we can enjoy them all month long.

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog today.
    Love this Random 10 Friday.
    Haven't heard of it before, but I love randomness!
    Of course now I am in the mood for a Brazilian Limeade.
    1 Lime!
    ARGGHHH! are a "no reply blogger"...enable your email.
    Pretty please.

  9. i LOVE LOVE LOVE jimmy eat world! and i tried the whole random friday thing today for the first time, as well! i don't think i got it quite right though, i didn't list any music...just ten random thoughts.

    comments totally make my day!

  10. ASHLEY! I love all of those songs!!!! WOW girl! you sure know how to pick 'em!!!

    and Brazilian Lime Ade....yummmola!!!

    I don't like the Freakish Halloween decorations, either. I like Cute :) Even though VAMPIRES are high on my list these days!!! ♥

  11. You know I half expected all your songs to be oldies. Remember when we would listen and try and guess what song it was based on the songs intro. You always won. : ) I like your taste in music.

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    Thanks and talk soon!
    Jean Ann

  13. AHHH! I adore that new David Archuleta song!! Why can't I listen to it all day!?

  14. Omigosh, I am going to try and copy those pumpkins! I have orange paper lanterns left over from the wedding... CUTE idea!!!


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