Friday, August 1, 2008

At Last. . . Breaking Dawn!!!

So who else is SO excited to get this book this weekend? I've been waiting for so long! I reserved my copy from Borders and it's waiting for me already! I've pretty much decided not to go at midnight because none of my friends who live around here read the books (I know, I need new friends! Just kidding) So rather than going at midnight and standing in lines by myself, I'll just run over there tomorrow morning instead. I think that Bella HAS to end up with Edward, she HAS to turn into a vampire, and they have to get married too! I'm so glad the book is finally out because I've been done with the third book for quite awhile now. I didn't get into these books until all three were already out, so I read them all in a row and then had to STOP, which was hard! If any of you Twilight fans haven't seen my past posts about my Olympic Peninsula travels through Twilight land, go check them out! They are in the posts I did in June and July.
HAPPY READING, everyone!


  1. I read all 3 back to back, too. :)

    and YOU are the one who finally convinced me to read them!

    If i lived closer to you, I would go with you at midnight & wait to get the book!!! It would be FUN!!

    But I don't blame you for not wanting to go alone. I am going to wait, too.

    I can't wait to read it!!! They BETTER get together & stay together!!!

    I wished we lived closer....we would go get the book & stay up that night reading it & talking & laughing!!! & Eating chocolate of course to help us stay awake!!! :)

  2. Is this the last book? I need to read them...yet another thing I'll probably set on the back burner, haha. :)

  3. I read all the time but have not read any of these yet. I just keep putting them off. Everyone I know either loves them or does not get what the big deal is about. I am curious to see where I will fall. Maybe now that the last one is coming out I will start reading them. Twilight is on my summer reading list but it is toward the bottom. We'll see....

  4. You were the one that inspired me to want to read them and am so thankful that you did! I cannot wait to get my copy also! Thank goodness!

  5. I have not read them, but went with a bunch of obsessed gals from my ward. We went to get cheesecake and then watch Mamma Mia, then went to Borders at midnight. After waiting for an hour, the were still passing out the pre-ordered books (my friends had wristbands around #250). We went to Wal-mart down the street and they all got their copies for $13 and no line! There were crazy people there with their toddler children all sprawled on the floor wishing they were in their cribs. My friends have convinced me to read the books now.

  6. I have not read this sereis at all. But I have a friedn who is sooo into it. The blog worl is abuzz about this book so it must be awesome!

  7. Merrianne: That sounds like SUCH a blast! Awww, I wish we could really do that!!!

    Rachel: Yes, and YES, you do need to read them!

    Jeanette: I wouldn't have picked them out myself to read either, at least not at first. But you definitely should read them!

    Tiffany: SO glad you're in on the hype too!

    AzAlgers: Wow. I can't believe there were toddlers there at midnight standing in lines with their moms! Poor kids! Yeah, the lines didn't sound fun to me either, which is why I'm picking mine up today instead. :) Let me know when you do read them!

    QuiteContrary: You are so right! They are awesome!

  8. I was out of town. My daughter, Camri, came with me. She was going to do the midnight thing but ended up with me instead. We will now have to go get the book and dive right in. Can't wait!!!

  9. I want to read the Twilight Series SO BAD!!! I feel like I'm missing out on something HUGE!!!

    Thus my current blog Giveaway, please check it out (please oh please oh please!!!)

  10. I've read them now, but now the last books out. I was just a few months behind. At least I didn't have to wait to read the whole series. You should read Midnight Sun online. It's pretty interesting. I'm about halfway through.


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