Friday, August 29, 2008

Kirsten Got Tagged!

My fun friend Alyssa tagged Kirsten! Yay! I know I already write tons of stuff about her, but here are some more things I'm sure you're dying to know about Kirsten. . .

Name and meaning: Kirsten really wasn't named after anyone. We just loved the name and I had never personally met a Kirsten before! It's Kirsten, NOT Kristen, in case anyone hadn't noticed that before. I love it because it's unique without being too crazy. And the meaning is "follower of Christ" or "walks with God." It had no bearing on our name choice, but it's a cool meaning anyway!

Age: 15 months old! Birthday: May 13'th! She was born on Mother's day, and a whole week after her due date.

Nicknames: Kirsten Bug, Kirsten Love, Sweetiepie.

Favorite activities: Walking, exploring, making messes, playing in the bathtub or the baby pool, looking at books, playing hide and seek, being tickled or chased.

Favorite foods: Fruits like bananas and peaches, sweet potatoes, bread, crackers, cookies, and she really likes almost all of the baby food purees.

Least favorite foods: Peas! She has always hated peas, and any veggie mixes with peas in them at all. She also cries if I try to feed her pasta or macaroni and cheese.

Favorite music: She bounces up and down to all kinds of music! Her favorites are probably songs that come on Sesame Street, the American Idol theme song (no idea why!), the Wiggles, Disney songs, and the Mamma Mia soundtrack.

Favorite toys:
She loves all the Fisher Price Amazing Animals toys, her Little People Zoo, the Sing-Along Superstar Stage that has music and a mirror, the Little People Building Blocks sets, and really anything she can stick in her mouth and chew on. She does love balls now! She goes the most crazy for non-toys like the car keys, my camera, and cell phones. How do babies KNOW to want the things they're not supposed to have?

Favorite book: She likes most books that have fun pictures in them, although she NEVER wants to look at 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' or 'Goodnight Moon.' I don't know why! Aren't little kids supposed to love those books? Her very favorites are called 'Jungle Colors' and 'Thumper's Fluffy Tail', and she loves all the Bright Baby books with the real pictures of animals and the different textures.
Favorite item of clothing: She's too young to care about her clothes, but I love her outfits from Gymboree the best!

What makes her happy: LOTS of things!! Laughing, car rides, playing with Daddy when he comes home from work, Sesame Street, going outside, seeing our kitties or any dog, pulling my hair or pinching me or generally anything that hurts me (seriously! She laughs SO hard and thinks it's the funnest game ever! It's NOT!), her blankie that she loves, and being free to roam around and explore.

What makes her sad: Not getting what she wants, not being allowed to share certain foods with us, getting too tired, having her hair combed (tears STREAM down her face), not going outside when she wants to, and having to stay on our laps and not move around.

This was a fun tag! I'm tagging a couple kids (and their mommies of course!):
-Kaci's Elly
-Erin's Ryan
-Michelle's Jacob
-Rachel's Lilly


  1. THAT WAS SOOOO VERY VERY CUTE!!! I remember when My kids got tagged and it as SO FUN to do that!!!!

    and I AM TOTALLY with Kirsten on the PEAS thing....I can't stand 'em either!!!

    {i like sugar snap peas, though... but those are completely & totally different!}

    Gymboree clothes are ALWAYS cute & well made, aren't they?!?!

    And that is aweful {funny} that she lieks to HURT YOU!??!?? oh my goodness.... why do kids like that?!?! Strange isn't it!?!?! But it makes you laugh at the same time. ☺

    And YES she is definitely at that age where she likes the FORBIDDEN toys!! From here on out THAT WILL NEVER CHANGE!!!!

    Great Post, Ashely! I LOVE IT!!!!

  2. ignore my typos! :)

  3. I am always pretending to hurt myself to make my kids laugh. Pushing them on the swings and pretend that they kicked me, or whatever. My babies laughing is seriously my favorite sound in the world.

    I love that she likes the American Idol Music! My kids learned the Dancing with the Stars music and would start dancing to that.

    I LOVE the name Kirsten, and Kristen. Have seriously considered both for if I ever get a daughter.

  4. Oooo I'm so sorry I think I've done the typo and put Kristen not Kirsten. So sorry! :)

    That was great fun and I'll get right on this tag...PROMISE! :)

  5. THanks for the tag! I can't wait to fill this one out! What a great idea and your daughter is soooooo cute!

  6. What a cute & fun post! She is darling!!!

  7. What a super fun tag! Love the info about your little girl!

  8. what a cute idea. i've never had my kids get tagged.

  9. I have to say, Kristen has good taste. Peas are there to feed the dog under the table right? M

  10. I was also gonna say that Merrianne also hates peas but she already put that.. i don't mind them. But, I was shocked to read that there is a child out there that doesn't like mac n' cheese.
    You wrote that Kirsten loves books real pictures of animals... our kids love those books too. In fact, I kept a book from when i was a child and it is called Incredible Animals and for the longest time that was my kids favorite book.

  11. How fun!
    You know what? My three year old was not interested in Goodnight Moon or the Very Hungary Caterpillar until very recently.
    My baby does not like pasta too much either. I think it is a texture thing. Too slippery feeling?

  12. Such cute pictures! Kirsten always has the cutest clothes on. Such funny things about her!! I'm so excited to do this about Lilly bear, thanks for the tag!


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