Monday, August 4, 2008

My Fabulous Weekend!!!

I had the greatest weekend! Here's why:

Fabulous Thing #1- I finally got to see Mamma Mia on Saturday night! I LOVED it, and smiled through the entire thing! I've seen the stage show before so I knew I would love the movie too. Abba music is just SO much fun. If I had been alive in the 70's, I would have been a huge Abba fan for sure. This was the perfect feel-good summer movie! Fabulous Thing #2- There's just nothing like a book so engaging, intoxicating, and addicting that you literally can't put it down and just have to keep reading more and more! I stayed up until the break of dawn (not quite, but almost) both Saturday and Sunday night curled up with Breaking Dawn. It's an incredible book, and filled with lots of unexpected twists and turns! I would have finished it already, but I didn't have much time for reading during the day. But I'm only a few chapters away from the end, so I'm really excited to finish it tonight!!!

Fabulous Thing #3- Yesterday Kirsten walked all OVER the place! She is getting really brave about it now. For the first time, she walked all over the grass at the park! It was really cute. She also got her first taste of grass, when she picked some off and stuck it right in her mouth. I have a feeling trips to the park will never be the same again now that she's tasted grass.

How was YOUR weekend? Is everyone else enjoying the book as much as I am?


  1. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for the very sweet comments. Enjoy your baby, that stage goes *way* too fast!

  2. Ashley! I watched MAMA MIA this weekend, too!! ha ha!!!!

    and you are right...Breaking Dawn is FULL of unexpected TWISTS & TURNS!!!! I know you will like the ending!!! i did!!! I could NOT put it down for the life of me!!! PLUS, i knew i only had a few hours of ALONE TIME and i knew i had to make the most of it :) So, i finished it in one day. And I loved it!!! It isn't a "scanning" type of have to read every word of it just to keep up with what is happening!!! WHEW!!!! It is almost Exhausting!!!! :)

    and going to the park WILL NEVER be the same since she is braver about walking on the grass and giving it a taste!!! LET THE FUN BEGIN!!!!

  3. p.s. yes....grass will be seen in the Diapers!!! it is not pretty!!!

  4. Sounds like my type of weekend! I haven't had a chance to pick the book up yet, I'm hoping to do so soon. My problem is that once I start reading it nothing else will get done!

  5. merrianne knocked that book out in one day. she is one fast reader. i haven't read any of those but merrianne loves them.

  6. I'm reading the book to my daughter, but we read a chapter after she does 2 chapters of homework, so we are moving forward slowly. That momma mia is one movie I think I will rally like. Who ever knew grass could be so yummy?

  7. Sheila: Thank you for visiting my blog too!

    Merrianne: I know, we had practically the same weekend! :) I JUST finished Breaking Dawn, and WOW, I loved it so much! I really loved the ending too, just like you did. It was just such an amazing book!!!
    Grass in diapers? That sounds pretty gross!!

    Kween: Yes, be prepared to get nothing done after you start reading it. It's almost impossible to put down!

    Spencer: I would have finished in one day too, but my time was all interrupted. I did most of my reading late at night, when everyone else was in bed. :)

    Shellie: One chapter at a time! Wow, that is some SERIOUS discipline!

  8. Ooh I just bought Breaking Dawn in the airport Monday, I've only started the first chapter but I am so excited. I read the Friday Night Knitting Club while in NC and loved it, I cried and cried at the end.
    I'm just curious, I love love love that you visit my blog and leave comments, so cool, but I was wondering how did you find me????? Just wanted to know how people are finding my humble little blog.

  9. Breaking dawn is the coolest thing EVER. Merrianne's right - you'll like the end.

    Everyone loves Mamma Mia! I have no idea when I'll get to see it, but I really want to.

    What a fun weekend for you!!

  10. I love your blog! I am reading New Moon right now, I can't wait to get to Breaking Dawn! You make me even more excited when you talk about it!

  11. You went to see Mama Mia! I am sooooo jealous. It has been sold out every.single.time I try to go. Fingers crossed for this weekend!

    Also, I saw on Merrianne's blog--you have pancake molds! Where did you get them? I am the worst pancake maker in the world!!

    Glad you had a fabulous weekend!!

  12. I'm glad to hear that Mamma Mia is good! Ben and I just haven't made it out to see that one yet. I'm not into the twilight books, but my YW are and they were so excited this weekend! Ryan also started walking around like CRAZY this last week. So that should be a fun new adventure for us :)

  13. I had an interesting weekend -- not the most fabulous but not the worst either. :) Long stories.
    Is Breaking Dawn the last in this series? ALL my close friends have been sucked into this series -- and I've been holding out until it's finished because I really don't like the feeling of AHHHHH I NEED THE NEXT BOOK!!! lol.

    So. If it's the last book, I shall go forthwith and allow myself to enter the mysterious world that is 4 books about vampires-but-its-okay-if-you-hate-vampires-because-I-did-too-and-this-book-isn't-like-that.

  14. I have a question: who was kicked off SYTYCD last week? I was at a meeting that, then BD came out, and I just realized I don't know who the final four are! I guess I could look it up online....but I knew you'd know. ☺ leave me a comment.

  15. Tari: I need to read the Friday Night Knitting Club, I haven't done that yet. And be prepared to LOVE Breaking Dawn! I think I found your blog off a friend's blog, but I can't remember which friend it was. :)

    Alyssa: I finished last night, and YES, I loved the ending! But now I'm sad, because the books are DONE! Oh, and the ones that got kicked off SYTYCD were Mark and Chelsea.

    Whitney: Thanks! Have fun reading them!

    Shabbyness: Wow, I'm amazed that it's still sold out! It's been out for awhile! I hope you get to see it soon!
    My pancake molds are the star-shaped ones I ordered from Williams Sonoma online. I did a blog post about them just a week or two ago. They're so cute and I'm excited to try them!

    Hoy family: You will love it! And yes, Kirsten started crazy walking too this weekend! Now she walks about as much as she crawls and she loves it! Isn't it cute to watch?

    Smith fam: YES, it's the last in the series. So get to a bookstore and start reading! I can't wait to hear what you think! I bet you'll love them too!

  16. I really want to see Mama Mia but chances are I won't see it until it is on DVD. With my husbands work schedule it is just hard to find time to go to a movie.
    I am going to actually read the Twilight series soon. Got to find out what makes grown women act so giddy! :-)
    Yea for Kristen! How fun that she is being more bold about walking and exploring.

  17. I LOVED Mama Mia. I want to go see it again! My mom bought the soundtrack and we've been listening to it for about a week now. : ) You should check it out.

    So I think I figured out what the cover to Breaking Dawn means...I think the Queen chess piece stands for Bella and the red pawn stands for the Volturi. I think it also has to do with the end of the book with the Cullens vs. the Volturi and Bella's powers...I don't want to say too much, cuz I don't want to spoil it for anyone else reading these comments. I mean, it kinda was like a game of chess in that last part. But I don't know why the Volturi wouldn't have been represented as a knight or king or something....hmm, that gives you something to think about. : )

    I'm so sad that the books are done. I really wish there were more. I need a new book to read.

  18. Jeanette: I really wouldn't have seen the movie either if I had waited for my husband. He wasn't interested in seeing it anyway. So I went with with a friend on a girl's night. It was better that way, without sitting next to someone who didn't really care about it. :)
    YES, go read the books! Let me know what you think about them!

    Julianne: I think those are some good ideas! I'm so sad the series is done too. I need something new to read, but I have no idea what to read now that would be anywhere NEAR as great and fascinating as those books are!!

  19. Loved Mama Mia. I've actually seen it four times and plan on going to see it again this next weekend. But this last weekend we say The Mummy and I read Breaking Dawn too. It was a good weekend.


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