Friday, August 22, 2008

Why I Love Project Runway. . .

For quotes like this:
"It's like a pterodactyl out of a gay Jurassic Park!"

I laughed SO hard! Last night's episode was totally crazy and over-the-top because the designers had to create costumes for DRAG Queens!
The best part of the whole episode was when Tim Gunn saw this outfit being made and made that hilarious quote.
Tim Gunn is the mentor for the designers on the show, and he gives them feedback and help with their designs before the judges see them. He can usually be counted on for some very funny comments, but this one tops the charts!!!

So who else loves Project Runway? I'd love to hear your thoughts!!!


  1. I LOVE PROJECT RUNWAY! I have since season one. It's like my favorite show in the world.

    Have you noticed how that tanorexic gay dude is trying to be like Christian Sirano "Feirce" by saying "licous" all the time.


  2. Hey Ashley - If you click on my friend Amy on my blog list, she now has a link on her blog to pictures from her trip to China - They just adopted a baby girl there. (The first girl they were supposed to get was ill when they arrived and was not placeable, so they were lucky enough to get a 2nd baby) Lots of baby pics, but they also did some sight seeing too.

  3. That is really funny and his Quote was RIGHT ON THE MONEY!! That outfit was insane!!

  4. love this show... problem is i tend to miss it until there is a marathon of re-runs... i can't wait to see this one!

  5. I really wish I got more than 10 channels because I would LOVE to watch that show :)

  6. Ok, so, I've never seen the show (cowers in shame), but, I must say that will become my new favorite quote.

  7. Hi Ashley,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. All the details for the Christmas stocking swap will be posted by Monday and I really think it is going to be a great time.
    It's nice to see someone else blogging from the Seattle area. We live in Bonney Lake.
    I have a picture of my family in the exact spot over Snoqualmie falls as you do! Too cute...You have a beautiful family.
    Have a great weekend and be looking out for the Stocking swap info come Monday!

  8. I would TOTALLY be into this show if I got Bravo. I'll probably just have to wait till they syndicate reruns to Vh! or something in like 4 years.

    Do you read the mormon mommy wars? I just started and they do PR recaps.

    I thought of you. =D

  9. I love PR, too! That WAS a great quote -- I laughed so hard. I like Blayne (sp?) because he can always be counted on for something "goofylicious" like "Holla atcha boy"!

  10. Project Runway is my favorite show right now! I cannot wait to watch this week's episode. I did not get a change to on Thursday. Drag queens. I can only imagine.. and Tim Gunn... well he's my funny quote hero.

  11. drag queens? oh gag. sorry. :P while fascinating on some level, project runway doesn't make my top 10 things to watch on tv.


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