Friday, February 12, 2010

For Your Valentines Weekend!!!

I know, you've already seen thousands of cute Valentine crafts, recipes, and ideas on every other blog out there. But here are just a few things I'm doing for my (hopefully) love-filled weekend.

(Random tangent): Isn't it funny how your views on Valentine's day change throughout the years?

*In elementary school it was one of the best school days of the year, getting your little mailbox stuffed with valentines and candy and handing them out to all the kids in your class. (Adults should have parties like those! Seriously! I miss them!) I would always stuff more candy into the valentines of my friends or the boys I liked, and gave only one piece to the kids I didn't like. Did anybody else do that too?)

*Then in college it seemed like I was always single on Valentine's day, so I actually made a CD for myself one year and titled it "In Honor of Singles Awareness Day." I still have that CD, and it makes me laugh because it's filled with such classics as Shot Through the Heart, Alone, and Love Stinks.

*Now it's a really fun day for me, not only because I look forward to an awesome date night with delicious, melt-in-your-mouth steak and going to see the new romantic comedy. I also love all the fun, adorable foods and decorations that are associated with it, and getting to share those things with my kids. Now my kids are mostly too young for crafts and cooking, but I do what I can!

So for your special Valentine, or just your listening pleasure, I present my February Mix CD:
(Sorry, Love Stinks won't be appearing on this one!)
1. How Deep Is Your Love by The Bird and the Bee (love their remake of this classic song!)
2. Wouldn't It Be Nice? by the Beach Boys (yes, I am a California girl who will love the Beach Boys forever and ever)
3. Fields of Gold by Sting (quite possibly the most perfect love song ever)
4. Love Is All Around by the Troggs (this oldie just rocks! I also love the remake by Wet Wet Wet)
5. If You Leave by OMD (just cuz. . . I love the 80's?)
6. I'm Burning For You by Blue Oyster Cult (everyone wants to burn for someone!)
7. Crazy Love by Michael Buble (just a really beautiful song!)
8. Falling For You by Colbie Caillat (one of my current faves)
9. I Melt With You by Bowling For Soup (nice, fresh take on the original)
10. Dancing In the Dark by Bruce Springsteen (not really a love song, but what's more romantic than dancing in the dark?)
11. Here, There, and Everywhere by the Beatles (awww. . .)
12. Somebody by Depeche Mode (I was obsessed with this song in college)
13. My Life Would Suck Without You by Kelly Clarkson (the perfect sentiment for your loved one)
14. The Zephyr Song by Red Hot Chili Peppers (couldn't let this mix get too sappy)
15. Ain't No Mountain High Enough by Marvin Gaye (just try to NOT sing along)
16. She's Always a Woman by Billy Joel (LOVE!)
17. Moon River by Andy Williams (I know, I love old stuff)
18. Eternal Flame by the Bangles (teenage flashbacks again!)
19. Halo by Beyonce (just upbeat enough, but sweet at the same time)
20. God Only Knows by the Beach Boys (some of the most tender lyrics)
21. Sweetest Thing by U2 (you know we all love it!)
22. Smile by Uncle Kracker (because this mix will make you smile!)

My plan is to print out these completely adorable labels and package this mix up exactly like this. Go here to download the labels yourself.
(Oh, and I'm still totally rocking my January mix. Even after the month is over, this is still my go-to CD for car trips or just dancing around the living room. I can just listen over and over!)

Tomorrow night is my official date night (can't wait!), and for our Valentine's meal at home on Sunday I plan to use my fondue pot. I think fondue is one of the most romantic meals, because of the closeness involved and the time you have to take to eat it together. Plus it's so sinfully delicious! I bought some heart-shaped bendy straws from Target, and I want to attach these fun labels to bottles of soda or water. You can get these labels over here. It's such a quick, easy way to make your Valentine's meal just a bit more special and festive!

And let's not forget the Valentine's treats! I made these chocolate chip cookie bars today, and they taste just as good as they look! Okay, they're not really Valentine-themed, but you could always cut them into heart shapes with cookie cutters! I found the recipe here.

This weekend, I plan to make heart-shaped sugar cookies, and let Kirsten help me decorate them with frosting and lots of sprinkles! I'm going to try this sugar cookie recipe found here.

I'm also going to decorate these adorable brownie bites with Kirsten! Go here for the easy directions, and just scroll down until you see the photo. I got this idea from the Little Birdie Secrets blog party I attended last week, and thought they were just too cute not to make myself! (They also have a punch recipe listed in their post that is scrumptious! I will absolutely be making it for my next party!)

I also made this fun decoration at the blog party, and they posted the tutorial here. The Little Birdie Secrets blog is one of my favorite sources for fun craft ideas, tutorials, and recipes!

Here I am with my Love Garland and the three cute girls who create the blog! I went to church with two of them, so I already knew them but didn't even know it was their blog I was following. Small world!

If anything in this post made you happy, please leave a comment and make ME happy! :) What do you think of my mix and my ideas?


  1. Cute ideas - I used to seriously stress out in Elem. school I would choose the wording on the cards very carefully - didn't want anyone to think I liked them if I didn't. I had smart students that didn't address them, just signed them and them dropped them in randomly, then they didn't have to worry. Wish I'd been that smart. Rachel is like me - very carefully choosing each one. Your Feb mix is very eclectic - you really need a playlist on your blog so I can listen.

  2. Very lovely ideas!! Those sweet treats are not helping my cravings for something gooey today! ;) And that will not help with the work I have been doing on keeping unwanted calories off my bum!

  3. Just love your blog more and more each time you post!! such great ideas!!! Hopefully I get more motivated next year!!But I will be making some of your desserts this year!!!

  4. I love that you are going to decorate sugar cookies brownie bits with Kirsten! I can't wait until someday I have a toddler to do that with.

    Those are all really fun ideas, Happy Valentines Day!

  5. Fun! Can I just put in my order instead of make all this myself?

  6. I bookmarked your site because I loved your mixed music list so much! I'm so glad you did another one. We have similar tastes in music, I guess, because the mix made me so happy!! Thanks for sharing.


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