Friday, February 26, 2010

The Fun and the Fabulous Reviews. . . Kid's Clothes!

I just love sharing fun, unique kids clothes that I find with my readers. I've got three really awesome websites for baby and kids clothes to talk about today!

#1- Urban Bratz
"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter." I LOVE that quote from E.E. Cummings that they feature on the main page of their website. Urban Bratz is a new clothing line, and talk about hip and cool! It's always fun to find clothing for your babies or kids that includes an awesome sense of humor. My husband really appreciates this shirt I got for Kirsten:

You'll love the Urban Bratz line if:
*You have a great sense of humor
*You like getting comments from strangers about your kid's original outfits
*You want your kid to stand out from the crowd and be unique
*You want to give the coolest gift at the baby shower

The shirts sell for $24, and the onesies for $22.

This one seriously cracks me up. . . "Babysitters Love Me"
(I can think of a few kids this would be perfect for!)
#2- Barley & Birch
Unabashedly organic, planet-saving clothes! You know what my favorite thing about organic clothing is? It's SO soft and comfy! The quality of the fabric is really wonderful, and it stays that way no matter how many times you wash it.

Here's Kirsten wearing one of their Panda tanks last summer (look how much littler she was!):

Absolutely everything Barley & Birch sells is made of 100% certified organic cotton and water-based inks that don't pollute the earth, water, or expose farm workers to toxins.
As if that isn't awesome enough, look how amazing their clothes look!

The designs are SO graphic and eye-catching! And they donate at least 10% of their profits to a variety of organizations all over the world who are dedicated to helping others and helping our planet. So you can really feel good about spending $24 on a onesie. There's a whole list of retailers that sell these eco-conscious beauties right here.

You'll love the Barley & Birch line if:
*You love seeing the beauty of nature integrated into clothing
*You're concerned with saving our planet
*Your children have skin sensitivities. Organic cotton is the very best for sensitive skin!

I love this beautiful onesie from their new spring line:
#3- Baby Rock Apparel-
This one is for the edgy, too-cool-for-school rocker parents and their equally hip children. But you don't have to be all hard-core to enjoy this line. I wouldn't call myself a biker chick, but I do have a healthy appreciation for rock music. And I love some of these designs!
If I had a boy, I'd totally dress him in this one:

Baby Rock Apparel was actually one of the first baby clothes manufacturers to offer hip baby clothes with an edge for boys and girls. Their website features a HUGE variety of products of all kinds, and you'll find no shortage of unique baby gifts here. The quality of their fabrics is amazingly soft and lightweight as well. I have this T-shirt for Natalie, and it definitely fits my little drama queen in more ways than one!

You'll love Baby Rock Apparel if:
*You like to make a statement with fashion, even when it comes to your kids
*You don't want your kids to be wearing the same clothes as everybody else
*You really appreciate high-quality clothing that will last
*You're an edgy rocker chick!

Most of their shirts sell for $22-26, but right now the Drama Queen T-shirt pictured above is in their Last Call Sale section for $9.99! Get it while it's hot! They also have a blue shirt just like it for boys that says "Chick Magnet" for the same price. I love the argyle patterns on these!

Deal Alert: Baby Rock Apparel is offering a 15% discount for my readers, good for anything on their website! Just use the code 'veaterfam' at check-out. Nice!!!

Just cuz I like to know what my readers are thinking, leave a comment and let me know:
Are you into baby and children's fashion? Do you have more fun dressing your kids up than dressing yourself? Or are clothes just a way to keep them warm?


  1. Personally, I'm not willing to spend a lot of money on baby/children's clothing that is only going to get dirty and grown out of quickly. But I can't wait to dress up my baby in cute things. And I love the variety of clothing out there, especially the organic and recycled stuff.

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