Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Beach Babies!

Very few moments in life are as beautiful as hanging out at a beautiful beach with the beautiful people who you love more than anything. Here's the proof:

Stephen and I took our cute little beach babies to enjoy a gorgeous December afternoon at the Oceanside Beach. It was Natalie's first beach trip!

She was just enthralled with the shovel, the sand, and all the sunshine. She LOVED it! And I had an awesome time testing out the new camera on my favorite subjects.

I realize that my exposure was WAY too blown out on these two. I still think they look pretty amazing! After all, I do call Natalie my sunshine baby!

Kirsten was pretty afraid of the water, but it was really cold anyway. She had the greatest time just digging in the sand with all the shovels and buckets. I think she could have done that for hours!

I love how well I was able to capture Kirsten's personality in these photos!
Seriously. . . I took these??? Hard for me to believe, but yes I did!!!

I love my new Nikon camera!
But not nearly as much as I love my sweet little girls. . .

All three beach babes!!!

And this is my favorite picture EVER of me and my adorable munchkins!

What a gorgeous, blissful day at the beach with my family!


  1. Love all the pictures!! So adorable!! They look like they had so much fun! You will def. need to frame some of these!

  2. You have such Beautiful girls!! Great pictures!! Looks like they love the beach!

  3. Ashley, it looks like we may need to be asking you to take our family picture -- those turned out great!!

  4. These pictures make we want to go to the beach!


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