Friday, February 26, 2010

Time For Some Winners!

My latest lucky winners are the following:

*Winner of the Giggles and Grins necklace is. . . #59!
naomir5034 said... Mentioned on FB...

*Winner of the Blush Topless Undershirt is. . . #19!
Kate said... I follow your blog.

*Winner of the XO Skins Protective Gadget Skin is. . . #20!
Tylerpants said... I'd love the Nintendo DS skin as it keeps fingerprints at bay!

*Winner of the Aden + Anais Infant Sleeping Bag is. . . #45!
justicecw said... Just became a FB fan of your blog as well :)

*Winner of the New Fashioned Whispers Heart Locket is. . . #50!
Francesca said... I love the Sunday Bride and Elisa purple lily earrings.

*Winner of the Tiptoeing Tutus $25 Gift Certificate is. . . #62!
alli said... fan of your blog on Facebook

Congratulations to all the winners (you've all been emailed) and a HUGE thank you to the amazing companies and designers who provide the prizes! Everyone benefits, and that's why I love it. :)


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