Sunday, February 14, 2010

20 of My Everyday Loves!

In honor of Valentine's day, here are 20 everyday things that I love. There are many BIG things that I love, such as traveling the world, scuba diving, and holidays, but I decided this list would focus on the little things that I can love every single day. So here goes. . .

1. This adorable baby. . .

2. This rambunctious, fun-loving girl. . .

3. This guy. . .

4. Playing a great game! I love MANY games (as all my friends know!), but Settlers of Catan is one of the very best. Especially the Cities and Knights expansion!

5. The big, soft pretzel with cheese sauce from Claim Jumper. Ohhh, I could eat one every day and be perfectly happy. This thing is dang good and cheaper than buying a bag of regular pretzels too!

6. Reality TV. Don't you dare judge me. . . it makes me happy! My life wouldn't be the same without American Idol, Survivor, Amazing Race, Project Runway, The Bachelor, So You Think You Can Dance, and Top Chef. . . to name a few. :)

7. My soft, purry kitties. I love having them curled up on my lap or purring on my pillow. Pets are such a wonderful source of love.

8. Laughter! Finding the humor in life's quirky, messy, strange, or just plain awful moments is one thing that makes life so gosh-darn beautiful.

9. The beauty that surrounds me. I try so hard to never take beauty for granted.

10. The smell of my favorite lotion that I wear to bed every night. The scent of Stephen's cologne and body wash. The smell of a freshly-bathed baby. The scent of laundry soap that fills the whole upstairs while the clothes are churning away in the washer. I love so many scents!

11. Photographs that help you relive the memories from some of the best days of your life. No, they're not as good as being there and standing in front of that wonderful monument. But thank goodness we have them! I have a deep love for photographs.
12. Spending an entire afternoon blowing bubbles, coloring pictures, and dancing around the living room with your toddler.

13. The cozy feeling I get from being wrapped in a soft blanket, sitting in front of the fire. Or, on warm nights, from lighting yummy-scented candles.

14. The giddy feeling you get when you fall in love all over again with a song you'd almost forgotten about. Or that comfortable, homey feeling that comes from listening to music that you've loved for your entire life. OR discovering a new song that you can re-play over and over because it's just that good!

15. Long talks with really good friends.

16. Baking! The delicious smell of fresh-baked cookies coming out of the oven. The unable-to-be-duplicated taste of homemade treats!

17. LOST.

18. Always having something exciting in the future to look forward to.

19. Your favorite, most comfy pair of pajama pants, with soft fuzzy socks.

20. The Winter Olympics!
Seeing them always brings back great memories of going to see a skiing event with my cousin Jessica in Salt Lake City. Go Team USA!


  1. Love this post!! And LOST!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! At the end of every episode I'm SCREAMING that they left me cliff hanging--AGAIN!!!

  2. Cool post, Ashley. Reminds me of a lot of the things I love in life... except for scents and reality TV :)

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