Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pencil Me In Cosmetics Review!

I'm embarrassed to admit this, but I think I'm a little bit makeup-impaired.
I do wear some makeup, but I never feel like I was really taught how to apply it right. I wear the following:
-Powder foundation
-Concealer under my eyes
-Blush/bronzer combo
-Lip gloss

And that's it. I've never understood the purpose for lip liner or brow powder, and I'm scared of eyelash curlers. No joke. I really am scared of them.

And guess how long it takes me to put my makeup on?
Three minutes. Sometimes less.

I think it might be time to shake up my makeup routine a little bit. Any tips are appreciated!

When I find certain makeup brands that I love, I definitely tend to stick with them. This is why I've been wearing the same shade of Urban Decay eyeshadow for more than five years now. (It's called Chopper. And it's fabulous!)

I was really happy to recently discover a great line of eyeliner pencils from Pencil Me In Cosmetics! Silky, smooth color that doesn't pull at the delicate skin of my eyes, and I love the colors too!

What I think makes these eyeliner pencils better than others:

*A pencil sharpener is built into every cap!
*These eyeliner pencils are actually infused with anti-oxidants and vitamins.
*They come in 30 beautiful shades, including frosted, metallic, bright, and glittery shades.
*The color really does last for a long time!
*They are allergy and clinically tested to be non-irritating, eco-friendly, tamper-proof, and hygienic.

The prices are really great. . . $6.99 each! For such a high-quality pencil, it's nice to see that it's also affordable. Pencil Me In Cosmetics is also offering a special bargain to my readers. . .

Deal Alert: Buy 2, Get 1 Free! Buy 4, get 2 free, and so on. To take advantage of the promotional offer log onto: www.pencilmeincosmetics.com and choose the pencil colors that you would like to purchase, then proceed to the shopping cart page. On the shopping cart page you will see in purple a link for this promotion. Click on it. The user name and password for this section is the same word: Internet

Choose your free pencils and proceed to check out.


  1. You are lucky that you are pretty and don't have to wear make up to look nice. So no tips are needed!

  2. Its fun to try new things, right? you sound like me... 3 minutes & out the door. My routine is:

    liquid foundation {cover girl Clean Makeup}
    mascara {L'Oreal}
    lipgloss {which ever i choose for the day. lately i have been wearing Revlon's Peachy lip gloss}

    that is my usual. sometimes i wear blush, eyeshadow or liner... but not on a daily basis, maybe like once a month or less when i feel like i need to glam it up a little bit!!!

  3. "That's it," you say? I don't wear ANY makeup! I've gone through periods where I did, but that was mainly when I was working. Sean's never really cared about whether I wear makeup or not - I don't think he even really notices when I do! He's more into the long hair, so I keep that up for him.

    But I will admit, when I do wear makeup, I definitely FEEL prettier!

  4. You wear a LOT more than I do! I have no idea how to put on and mix eyeshadow, especially for a smoky eye. All I wear is mascara and eyeliner, sometimes lipstick. I LOVE eyeliner, so I appreciate this review.

  5. I wear make up on Sunday. I mean everything. Day to day. Cover up and Mascara that is left over from sunday. Hahaha! I really need to get out of slacker mode.


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