Monday, February 1, 2010

Mitetees Review!

To me, there's just something about customized, personalized clothing that's pretty awesome. You can smile every time you see it, and you absolutely know that no other child will be wearing the same thing!

Mitetees sells some of the coolest and most creative personalized baby outfits and accessories I've ever seen! Check out this amazing onesie they made for Natalie. . .
"A Veater and Hofer Production", yep that's her!
(Look how young Natalie was in this picture! She's growing soooo fast!)
Even though Natalie has outgrown this onesie by now, I'll be keeping this one forever. It's the kind of baby gift that will get a really big response at a baby shower, and will be treasured and laughed at for a very long time! And aren't those the best kinds of gifts? The really original and creative kind. I love it!

Mitetees sells really high-quality onesies with long or short-sleeves. This did not shrink or fade in the wash the slightest bit! They also have a maternity line for adults, T-shirts for siblings in sizes up to 6T, and lots of fun sayings and designs!

This is another one of my favorite designs from their shop:

Hilarious, original, and conversation-worthy. . . what more could you ask for from baby clothing???

Deal Alert: Mitetees is offering $4 off any order when you use this coupon code: 'save4'.
Happy shopping!!!


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