Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy 28th Birthday Ashley - 28 Things I Love About You!

Things I (Stephen...Ashley's husband) love about Ashley. First off, Ashley is by far the most special person to me in the world and I am extremely lucky to have her in my life because of these things and so much more. If you have been lucky enough to meet Ashley and become her friend, then you will know that all of these are true. Since she is turning 28, I thought I would write 28 wonderful things about her. There are so many to choose from. Enjoy the list and wish her a Happy 28th Birthday!

Ashley on her 27'th Birthday last year...7 months pregnant with Natalie

1. She loves life and gets the most enjoyment she can out of it. As is evident in all that she does, Ashley loves life more than any other person that I know and squeezes every drop out of it.

2. Loves to travel to new and exciting places. I agree with her that we should travel, explore, and have fun while we have each other and not wait until we are old and our kids are all grown up. Luckily we have such wonderful grandparents that enable us to do so. Unfortunately, I’ve seen too many cases where people “save” up for trips when they are older and then one or both of the people pass away kind of like on the movie “Up”. It also hits close to me as well so I will make every effort to get out there and explore while I still can. You only live once.

3. Loves to have fun always. She will make any small activity or big activity fun and entertaining for everyone involved.

4. Very laidback and easy-going. This helps her get along with any type of person.

5. She is a great mother and wife. She is always having fun with the kids and makes their life better by having them live life to its fullest.

6. Makes me a better person in every way possible. Ashley has made a very positive impact on my life and I am so grateful for that.

7. Likes meeting new people and meeting new friends. She likes going reaching out and meeting new people and becoming their friends.

8. Likes adventures and new things. She is always planning and looking for new things to do and they are always fun. If you ever come visit us in Seattle, we have a whole list of things and activities to choose from. This is one reason she was such an excellent travel agent. She is good at finding fun things to do.

9. Is a beautiful person. She is gorgeous and I am so lucky to have her in my life. She shines and stands out in a crowd.

10. I love the way she smiles and lights everyone up around her.

11. Easy to make laugh and always likes to have fun.

12. Never makes an enemy and avoids conflict. This is evident in how she treats people and how she reacts when others are rude to her. She does not put others down even when others have put her down, which is a very selfless characteristic.

13. Loves all sorts of music. She is not a one music genre lover, which is good. Some people only listen to one type of music, but not Ashley. She is good at finding new music that we both enjoy.

14. Is my best friend and yet around the same time each year becomes my arch-enemy (BYU vs UTAH rivalry) ;).

15. Is never boring. Not even at 2:00 in the morning. I’ve only seen her tired about 4 times since I’ve been married with her. She just never winds down because she wants to get the most out of every minute of every day.

16. Ashley loves to make everyone and everything around her shine. She does not enjoy seeing others not have a good time and she will go out of her way to make everyone happy.

17. Ashley enjoys decorating and making the house look good. Her decorating skills are Bravo TV worthy. The house looks amazing and she goes all out for holidays. I don’t know anyone else that goes all out on Halloween and Christmas as Ashley does.

18. Ashley is a great cook and likes trying new recipes. She has found some definite keepers out there. Her homemade eggnog sealed the deal for me.

19. She loves surprises and likes to surprise people. One time she planned a trip and didn’t tell me where we were going. It was fun driving down the road wondering where we were going to end up and guessing the whole time.

20. Doesn’t give up and deals with stress very well. When she is determined, she is determined and there is no stopping her. I’ve even tried convincing her to eat lettuce and she refuses.

21. Extremely creative. I don’t think I need to tell you all this. She puts a lot of time and effort into making each post on this blog special and is creative in that whole process.

22. Very intelligent. She tells stories of how she would play the memory game when she was younger and would beat adults. She is very smart and likes to learn new things.

23. Loves to talk about all sorts of things and there is never a dull conversation.

24. Sensitive to others and other’s needs. It’s very comforting to have someone that cares for you and others by your side.

25. Enjoys spending her time with her friends, family, and myself. Also loves bringing people close together as all of you that know Ashley already know.

26. Is very talented. Ashley is a very good dancer and even won a 1st place dance contest in college. She is also extremely gifted at playing the harp and till this day continues playing it. I always love it when she plays the harp as it brings peace and happiness into the home. She also plays the piano very well. She learned how to play the piano all by herself and quickly learns new songs that she has never played before. She also is talented at cross-stitching and is a very good singer.

27. Likes to play games of all sorts. She introduced me and everyone I know to Settler’s of Catan, which if you have never heard of it, is also known as board game crack. It is extremely addictive and I enjoy playing it. This is where Ashley does show her competitive side and makes for some interesting conversations after all the friends leave and I decided to cut her off and steal her win ;0).

28. Doesn’t settle for 2nd best. She is always looking for the best in all sorts of aspects of life and loves the best of the best.

And +1 because she is awesome!

29. Does an amazing job at the blog and keeping people close together.


  1. Happy Birthday, Ashley!!! I learned some great things about you in this post! I really wish you still lived in Utah -- we'd hang out all the time. All but one of my best friends throughout my entire life have been Aquarius'. I get along with you people really well!!!

    Hope you had a GREAT day!!!!!!

  2. Very sweet!! Good thing you did this when she was 28 - Jon said there's no way he could come up with 43! (That's when I punched him in the arm)

  3. Awhhh way to go hubby!!

    Happy Birthday Ashley! Have a wonderful, beautiful day!

  4. Happy Birthday! Props to your husband for such an awesome and sweet post. And, uh can I get some of your energy... never gets tired! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  5. Great post!

    Happy birthday, Ashley!

  6. Okay, that was about the cutest thing I've EVER read!!! Happy Birthday Ashley! And Stephen, you take care of my BFF, kay? Love ya both!!!

  7. That is so sweet! What a nice, thoughtful husband. But he's right on everything Ashley, you're awesome and so fun and sweet! Happy birthday!!

  8. All of it so true!
    Good job Stephen. ;)
    Happy birthday Ashley!!!

  9. Awwww, that is SO sweet! I am amazed by all those awesome things Stephen wrote for me. Thank you so much!!!
    P.S. I only changed the photo because it was a horrible picture of me that he first put on there. :)

  10. So sweet! Hope you had a wonderful birthday Ashley!

  11. SO CUTE! What a fun post. Happy birthday!

  12. Happy Birthday Ashley!

    That was a really cool post, Steve. I am impressed. (by both your post and Ashley) :)

  13. Happy Birthday! You are awesome!

  14. Happy Birthday! What a great are a lucky lady, and super great yourself! I love following your blog, you are always inspiring me! Hope you made the most of your special day :)

  15. How sweet! And I couldn't agree more with everything he said. You are an amazing person. Happy Birthday!

  16. Happy Belated Birthday Ash!
    Hope you had a GREAT one! :)

  17. What a sweet post! All the items on the list made me smile- picturing Ashely. They are so true. Ashley is such a sweet and genuine person. She is so talented, too! I hope she had a great bday! She deserves it!

  18. Very cool! Definitely Ashley! :-) I wish you guys lived closer! One of these days I'm going to have to visit Seattle and see all the cool things Ashley would have planned.

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