Wednesday, February 17, 2010


So here's something news-worthy. . . I've actually been working out! And my weight loss has slowed down, but I'm only 8 pounds away from my goal weight! You can get all the juicy details over here at my Cravings and Confessions blog. I don't usually make a note on this blog about those posts, but a few of you might find it interesting. :)

Some other news-worthy news: Natalie pulls herself up to a standing position now! She will use anything from the crib railings to the couch to various shelves and toys to adult legs to propel herself upward, and she's so proud of herself she wants to do it literally ALL the time. She hasn't taken any steps yet, but I can tell she's dying to do it.
Isn't this such an adorable picture of my little stander? I love the way she's smiling right into Kirsten's face. It makes me so happy.

Kirsten has taken great naps for FOUR out of the last four days! This is definitely news-worthy to me, since I was worried she was done with naps for awhile there.

Kirsten's latest thing is tickling Natalie. She gets such a kick out of making Natalie laugh, so she'll push her down and just start tickling her. Other than having to tell her to be gentle and not push Natalie down to the floor, it's really cute.

The Winter Olympics are definitely news-worthy! I've been loving watching the events, especially figure skating, freestyle skiing, and the exciting speed skating races. Is it just me, or is there just TOO much great February TV?

Kirsten's best lines from her first Olympic-viewing experience:

"Just like me!"
(Said after seeing the downhill skiing videos in the Opening Ceremonies. I figured out it's because we took her sledding last month and she went down the hills in the snow. It's just too cute that she sees the pro skiers and thinks she looked like that, too. If only we could all view ourselves so positively!)

"Just like Big Bird!"
(Said when she sees the figure skaters. This is a direct reference to the opening scene of Christmas Eve on Sesame Street, one of her favorite movies, when Big Bird learns how to ice skate. I'm sure all those skaters would appreciate knowing that they look like Big Bird).

Last bit of news for the day:
I can't believe I have only 3 days left to be 27. Can't I stay 27 forever? It's my favorite number, and I just don't want to move past it. 28 isn't nearly as cool.


  1. Way to go on the weight loss!! I have never attempted a real diet/workout plan of any kind, but I may need to in a few months. :o(

    I LOVED LOVED LOVED it when the kids were old enough to laugh and play together!! It just gets easier from here -- till their fighting like I hear all sisters do. :o) But aren't you so glad they have each other?

    I've missed more of the Olympics than I'd like because we're trying to watch Lost before the baby comes. I don't think it's gonna happen, but that's our attempt. I've seen a few of the figure skating routines and skiing competitions. I'm surprised by how many problems they've had this Olympics. (Superman says I shouldn't be surprised -- it is Canada. ;-]) But with the luge thing, the torch not rising, the speed skating problems, the no snow.....what a mess!

  2. Good job on the working out! I'm finally dieting, but haven't managed to fit in exercise (other than pushing around the double stroller and kids) yet. Keep up the good work!

  3. Good job on the work out... I try to, but it's just not happening.

  4. Such cute photos of the giggly girls! 27 is my favorite number too.

  5. I'm so glad that Kirsten and Natalie are playing together better, they look so cute and happy!!! I hope your birthday is awesome tomorrow! Go get spoiled! Loveya!

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