Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sweet and Sassy Strands Review and Giveaway Info!

Twilight fans, get ready for some serious watch envy, and check out my new favorite accessory. . . the I Love Edward watch from Sweet and Sassy Strands!!!
Isn't that just the coolest watch you've ever seen? I am in LOVE with it! For starters, the glass beads on the watch band are absolutely stunning. The mix of colors and textures on the beads are perfect, and the stretchy band fits snugly to my wrist and is very comfortable to wear. Then the little charms dangling by the watch face are too cute for words. . . "I Love Edward" and "Bite Me". I just want to show off this watch everywhere!

Sweet and Sassy Strands (or S.A.S.S. for short!) is a brand new business that just started up, and what an amazing piece to begin with! Jessica and Brieanne are the talented jewelry designers. Each piece is handmade, and they use high quality beads and semi precious stones and gems in all their designs. I tell you what, I am sold! They had me at "Hello, Edward watch!"

Or maybe the I Love Jacob watch is more your style?
This is such a fun way to display which team you're on. :) Based on the New Moon movie, I am ALL ABOUT Team Jacob, but I loved Edward more from reading the books. I'm re-reading New Moon right now and the book is SO much more enjoyable now that I know what Jacob really looks like. :) I still chose the Edward watch for myself, because I love him and because I love the look of that watch so much.

S.A.S.S. is offering a Grand Opening Giveaway on their website, and you can enter to win either an Edward or a Jacob watch! If you're not a Twilight fan (gasp! They exist?), they can just remove the charms for you and you still get a gorgeous boutique watch. Head on over to their website for all the details about entering. Entering is as easy as leaving a comment, with extra entries available as well. As I write this post, there are only 25 entries for the giveaway, so you have a great chance of winning! Hurry on over there, because this giveaway closes on February 14'th!!!

If you scroll down to the bottom of their page, you can see a slide show of all the great pieces they have for sale, as well as pricing and online ordering. Plus, here's a great deal alert: If you sign up now for their monthly newsletter (also at the bottom of the page) you'll get a coupon in your email for $10 off! What a sweet deal!

Now what are you waiting for? Get on over there and enter that giveaway! And in the meantime, try not to be too jealous of my Edward watch.


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