Sunday, December 20, 2009

Our Family Portraits!

I think family picture day is one of the most stressful days of the year! I get so worried about making sure the kids look cute and actually smile for the camera, getting all the outfits coordinated, and getting shots that I will love. Does anybody else get stressed out too?

I knew I wanted our family portraits taken outside in the fall leaves this year, and I was worried that I had waited too long. It was November, a lot of the prettiest fall leaves were already gone, and we were in a COLD and rainy month. I didn't know if the weather would cooperate at all!

But. . . it worked out! Our photographer took us to the Seattle Temple grounds where we found some great fall leaves, and the rain held off and only sprinkled a tiny bit during our photo shoot. And I LOVE our pictures!!!

I still can't decide which of these first FOUR pictures to enlarge and frame on our wall! I love all four!!!

These are so similar to each other, and just SO cute! I love how they don't look posed and I love the way Kirsten was having a blast playing with the leaves and throwing them in the air.

Kirsten's personality just SHINES through these photographs, and I love that! Those are my favorite kinds of portraits, when they show true personalities.

Kirsten had a difficult time warming up to the camera, so for the first twenty minutes or so she was crying. We finally got her interested in the leaves, and then she was great for the rest of the time!

It was COLD that day, and I felt bad because I was the warmest one in my coat and winter hat! Poor little Kirsten and Natalie had freezing cold hands by the time we were through.

My three favorite people!!!

Natalie was fascinated with the leaves, and it was tough to get her to look at the camera at all. Still cute though!

Natalie was SO great and happy through this whole time, despite the cold! Thanks, baby!!!

The photographers did such a great job, and they got some wonderful pictures of Kirsten that I just love!

Tons of fun!

Playing with leaves = Pure joy!

Let me know what you think and help me decide which one of the first four I should enlarge and frame!


  1. Ummmm....ALL of them! Are you kidding me! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  2. aww they're all very cute! My favorite family ones are the first and fourth. But they're all great it's no wonder you're having a hard time choosing!

  3. I vote for number 1. They are all great...isn't it nice to have a choice of good ones? Im usually trying to decide from a pile of medicore pictures! You got great shots!

  4. Wow I would have a hard time picking favorites. They turned out awesome!

  5. I love the first two the most. I'm leaning toward the first one because I love that Kirsten's eyes are closed, and you can see Natalie's face. It's reversed in the 2nd one. Still cute, but I think you might want to remember Natalie's baby face. Kirsten's probably won't change as much as hers will. You know what I mean?

    but I love them all! I love the colors.

  6. I love the 3rd picture! Your older daughter's outfit is sooo cute! I love her vest! I love the pictures with the fall leaves, very clever!

  7. Wow, I don't know which one to frame, they all look so good. And I agree with you, they really bring out personality, they did a great job!

    I LOVED your Christmas card! Thank you so much for sending one. I love the pictures you chose for those!

  8. I love #2 if I can only choose one... but I think you should enlarge all of them and made a cute photo collage on your wall, it would look so cute.. good luck deciding. Happy Holidays!

  9. Those are the most amazing pictures!

  10. Kirsten looks hilarious throwing the leaves. So cute!

  11. WOW those turned out AWESOME!! I love, love, love the fall leaves (they are one of the things I miss most living here in sunny San Diego)! Your photographer did a really great job!

  12. They're all beautiful - and I would pick #2 of the first 4.

  13. #2 & 3! And I'm leaning more towards 3; it just looks like photography (in my humble opinion, lol) should look: natural and unposed. SO very cute, all of them! :)

  14. Hello!
    Absolutely Grand gorgeous pictures!
    You have such a talent of color coordinating that is superb!!!!
    Thanks for sharing!
    YES - families are together forever!


  15. WOW! I totally LOVE these pictures! Awesome photography and a super cute family! I really love pictures in the fall with leaves! I like the fourth picture best. I think they're all really cute though.

  16. Great photos! I like the third from the top the best. I love the leaves in the air.

  17. The first and fourth are my favorites. I think the fourth one brings out everyone's personalities, as you were saying.

  18. I love the 2nd one! But gee, why pick! Just frame them ALL!!!

  19. I LOVE all of them! And I loved your Christmas card! Thank you for sending me one! Nothing is prettier than fall leaves! I especially love how the photographer captured so many priceless candid moments!


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