Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cute Sisters!

A sister is something I've always wanted, but never could have. No matter what I do, I can't give myself a sister. I've always thought it was pretty unfair. And I have to admit that I'm jealous of everyone who says, "My sister is my best friend." Consider yourself really, really lucky!

Thank goodness I had two adorable little girls in a row! They will be the sisters to each other that I never had. I couldn't give myself a sister. . . but it makes me feel really good that I gave them a sister.
It's really difficult to get pictures of them together, both looking happy, at this age. These are my favorites so far!!!

I'm so excited for them to start doing cute "sister" things together, as they get older. They better be best friends eventually! And yes, I'll be one of those annoying mothers who constantly tells them how much they should appreciate each other and how lucky they are to have each other!

Do you think they look alike? Are there any other sister-less souls out there who've always wished for a sister too?


  1. I love hate my sisters! HA! Your girls are adorable I see a strong bond! =)

  2. I'm sisterless as well, and always wanted one. Luckily my best friend became my SIL, but it's still not the same.

    Your girls are adorable, and I think they look a lot alike.

  3. They are so cute! They look like they are having so much fun. I thought they looked alike when they were first born, now I am not sure. They have a lot of similar features though, you can definately tell they are sisters!

  4. They look more and more alike I think. Sisters are the best! Lily definitely needs one someday! Of course I fought with mine, but now we are good friends and closer because we have shared experiences our whole lives. And it's cool that now we both have kids around the same age.

  5. It's nice to see Kirsten sitting next to Natalie! Don't think they look that much alike. I hope my girls will be good friends as they grow up. They have their moments and sure know how to push each others buttons.

  6. I am so blessed to have sisters...but I have always loved you like a sister, Ashley!

  7. awww.. they are so cute & precious!! i bet they will grow up being best friends!!!!

  8. Well, technically your husband gave them a sister...jk

    I wish I had an older sister. I have a much older sister-in-law, who has been great, and a much older half-sister I am not close to. And I get to be the older sister to Constance. But I still wish I had had an older sister close to my age.

  9. Hello!
    My sister one year for Christmas had a cardstock and frame and had the word SISTER cut out and inside the letters are pictures of she and I throughout our lives...
    It is a marvelous piece of treasure
    that is indeed special! I love looking at it.

    She did the same for my brother with the word BROTHER and pictures of just the two of them...
    I was indeed blessed with a sister and a brother!

    Your daughters are so sweet and put right next to each other are even double sweet!Of course with you they are triple sweet!

    Love always,

  10. Your girls are so cute!! I think Kirsten looks more like you and Natalie looks more Stephen. Although it would be interesting to see pictures of them at the same age. They are both adorable, and it's no surprise that you two have such gorgeous kids! :) I feel fortunate that I have never wished for a sister - in fact I probably got a few more than my share! :)

  11. One things for sure they are ADORABLE!!! You can tell they are sisters! Wonder what a boy would look like!

  12. They are adorable and do look alike.

    I didn't like my sister much growing up. She bugged me when she'd steal my clothes, wear them, then instead of returning them hide them under her bed. But, I have to say, she has been my best friend as adults. We lived right next door to each other after we got married, had our first two babies nine and six months apart, and even though we have lived in different states for awhile now, she is my best friend and the person who understands and I can turn to first.

  13. Ha, some of us had too many sisters growing up! :) But I appreciate and love them all now for sure! I couldn't imagine life without them! So cute that Natalie and Kirsten have each other!

  14. I know what you mean. I do have a sister of course, but I always longed for a sister that was close to my age whom I could grow up with. I only saw her about 2 weeks of the year and she was 8 years older than me, so we weren't exactly close. We didn't become friends until we were both grown up.

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