Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sleigh Bells Ring. . .

Mountains up in Whistler, BC. Absolutely breathtaking!
Our family (minus Kirsten, who was partying it up in San Diego with my parents) went on a fun little weekend getaway to Whistler, BC in early December. It's only about a five hour drive from where we live, so I was really excited to travel to a whole new place! There's just nothing better than visiting someplace new. It's thrilling!

I got lots of great pictures, so I'll be doing a few different posts about our Whistler trip. One of the highlights was our sleigh ride that we took on Blackcomb Mountain on our second (and last) night in Whistler. It really was not a Winter Wonderland while we were there. Snow was on the ground, but it was old and hard-packed, and there was no freshly fallen snow on the trees. BUT I'm so happy there was enough snow on the ground to do our sleigh ride.

Do we look cold? Yeah, we were really cold.

The warmest of us was definitely Natalie. We bundled her up into her little snowsuit and kept her between us on the sleigh in her infant seat, and she happily snoozed all the way up and down the mountain, warm and snug as a bug in her bucket seat. :)

Doesn't this guy look like the real deal? He was our sleigh driver, with those massive horses. Kirsten would have loved the horses!

It may not have been a winter wonderland, but there was something magical about gliding on the sleigh into the snowy mountain forest, with the only sounds being the girl sitting behind us on her cell phone (not kidding!), and the jingling of the sleigh bells into the frosty winter air.
It was an experience that will never be forgotten!


  1. Should have grabbed the girl's phone and chucked it into the winter wonderland :)

  2. Wow. That' some old-fashined fun (with a modern new twist, dang those cell phones!)

  3. I have always wanted to go on a sleigh ride! Lucky you. =)

  4. A real sleigh ride! How fun! I've always wanted to go on one of those!


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