Monday, December 14, 2009

Our Cute Little Preschool Class!

We had a lot of fun over the past few months doing a little Preschool Co-op with two of my friends for Kirsten and their daughters. We kept things pretty simple. . . we met twice a week, and rotated whose house it was at and who was in charge. We started with letter A, and devoted a whole class to one letter, and we got up to letter "I" before the holiday break. Most of the letters stuff was over Kirsten's head. . . but she loved snack time, craft time, and playtime!
Here's some of the highlights from our first ever preschool experience:
*Painting with apples at our very first class at Eileen's house!
*Painting with apples was such a cute idea, and Kirsten had a blast!

*I didn't get a picture of all the crafts, but we made Fruit Loop necklaces and painted fishbowls out of paper plates at my house for the letter F! We also colored ducks and glued feathers onto them for letter D!
*I did letter B at my house, and it was a really easy one since all of Kirsten's favorite things start with B. . . Balloons, balls, and bubbles!

*We played with balloons inside, danced around to some Beach Boys tunes, and then played outside for awhile with balls and the bubble machine! Kirsten was in heaven!

*All the little cuties in our class. . . Kirsten, Alanna (who is actually 6 but she is being homeschooled and her sister is in preschool with us, and she loves coming!), Sarina, and Eiza!

*Kirsten usually had to warm up to everyone at the start of preschool, but by snack time and craft time she was really happy!

*We made Bugs in Blankets for the letter B too, and decorated them with pretzel sticks, ketchup, and mustard. It was a popular snack!

*Rozemary made this cute Butterfly snack.

*They all had a fun time dancing together!

*We went on a fun field trip to the Seattle Aquarium to see all the fish on a very rainy day.

*Right before Halloween we decorated cookies in fun shapes at the Van Dyke's house!

It was a really fun experience and we're looking forward to starting it up again in January! Kirsten and I are lucky to have such fun and creative friends to play with!


  1. WOW great job on such fun crafts!! I just bought those same little art vests from IKEA two days ago! :) Love seeing Kirsten wearing her flowers from my shop!!

  2. Wow, those are some fun ideas! I think doing preschool that way is such a great idea. Kirsten looks like she is having a lot of fun!

  3. I love all your fun ideas! I need to make those too! thanks for sharing!

  4. looks like fun! love the butterfly apple snack!

  5. It is sooo much fun! We are excited for the beging of the year when we can start up again!

  6. Great idea! And I love the creative snacks!

  7. Bursting with creativity! I love it! How could those kids grow up and NOT be geniuses! :)

  8. How FUN!!! I would totally do preschool with you if I lived near you! You are such a good mom. Do you want to home school your kids like we were?

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