Tuesday, December 1, 2009

10 Things I Am Loving Right Now. . .

Happy December 1'st everyone!!! Now all the people who say you shouldn't put up decorations/listen to Christmas music/smile/be merry and jolly before December can just shut up already! :) Totally kidding. But really!

So 10 things I'm loving right now include. . .

1. This ball of fluffy sweetness. She's purring on my lap while I write this! Meet our new kitten, Tinkerbell! We love her already and she's a great addition to our family.

2. The best Christmasey candle ever created. . . 'Winter' from the Bath and Body Works Perfect Christmas line. RUN, don't walk, to the nearest mall and get yourself one of these! The best are the 3-wick candles. This is such an amazing scent, and there's just nothing better than the way the house smells when this is burning. It really IS that awesome!!!

3. My new red pea coat that I scored for $30 at Old Navy's Outerwear Sale. I feel like I've been searching for this coat my entire life. It makes me happy on a dreary winter day. :)

4. Christmas lights! I guess the only thing that makes the Winter candle scent even better is turning off all the lights in the house except the Christmas lights and snuggling up with a blanket. Sigh. . . I seriously love winter. Everything is just so COZY!

5. Basking in the glow of the BYU victory in Saturday's close game against Utah. Hmm, Stephen's going to be mad at me for posting this. He really hates this picture. Oh well. . . he rubs it in when Utah wins so I might as well do the same!

6. Homemade eggnog. We had the first eggnog of the season on Thanksgiving day, and it was heaven in a mug. Find the recipe on one of my old blog posts here. Tastes nothing like the store-bought stuff, and a whole lot better!

7. The new Adam Lambert album. Really! I'm not crazy! The cover seriously scares me (I even blogged about it here), but I downloaded the whole thing for $4 on Amazon (free, since I had some mp3 credits with them), so I don't have to see the cover. The $4 price isn't available anymore, but it's worth buying! The music reminds me of everything I love about 80's music, even though he was just a kid in the 80's. He was actually born in 1982, same year as me! Anyway. . . not every song is good, but plenty of them really are! Catchy and good and make you want to dance!

8. Our new cast iron grill pan/panini press! Stephen calls the paninis that we make with it "amazing!" I love the bright red color. It came from World Market, Black Friday, for $20. Yum!

9. The HOPE for snow before we leave for San Diego on the 12'th. I don't know if we'll get it in Seattle by then. . . but I'm looking forward to a snowy winter wonderland for our trip to Whistler this weekend! So excited!!!

10. Wonderful family and friends! And all my blog readers! If you care enough about me and my family to read and comment on my posts, just know that I really do love you!!! Thanks for loving me back. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! And I love all things warm and fuzzy. :)


  1. Tinkerbell - Cute, looks like Ferbie who I'm sure your mom would be willing to let you take :)
    Your coat - love it! Looks great in your family photos.
    BYU game - we almost called to rub it in, but decided to be nice to Steven
    Grill Pan - I'm getting one for Christmas!!! Yeah!
    Adam Lambert??? - Seriously?? Can't listen as he makes me ill!! Saw him on the AMA's - Yucky!
    Egg Nog - YUM, going to have to make it for my in laws Christmas gathering or my brother in law won't let me come in. I've put it in canning jars for neighbor gifts before too.

  2. I need a new coat! Maybe I should've gone to Old Navy on Friday after all....

  3. Loving the coat and the kitten!

  4. oooh what a cute kitty!!!!!!!!!!! and
    look at that adorable coat!!!!!!
    i, too, LOVE LOVE LOVE "Winter" candles from B&BW!!! smells soooo goooood!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Tinkerbell is beautiful! And $20 for cast iron is a pretty screaming deal - lucky you! This was my first Black Friday shopping spree, and I don't think it'll be my last. ;) I love this season, too. Love love love it.

  6. Yay for all the fun things about winter!

  7. I just love your kitten! And want one!!! Just need to convince James ;) I love love your jacket! Ecsp. in your family pictures!! I am so hoping for snow..but feel like we will have to drive to it!!! Enjoy the winter wonderland in Whistler!!It is such an amazing place!!!!!

  8. How FUN!!! I remember you talking about getting a 3rd cat, she is so cute! She looks very soft. I love your list. Fall is my favorite season and winter is a very close second! Love your coat, I need to get one!

  9. I love Christmas lights! Especially watching multi-colored twinkling lights change designs on the ceiling of a dark room. Thinking of that sure brings back Christmas memories!! =)

  10. Hello!
    What a small world again...
    My favorite pet we had growing up was a dog named "Tinkerbell" she was black and white and had several litters of puppies too!

    My favorite cat that I owned was named "Mitsy" she was black with white paws! I still can't figure out where I came up with that name.

    Love always!

  11. Wait...you got another kitty!?! Really?? So now you have 3 cats??? Wow! Do they love each other?? I loooooooooooove that coat!!!!

  12. What a fun post! That coat is perfect! (And I'm just a little jealous!) :) I totally agree with you, the BYU game was amazing! I'm glad the music on Adam's CD isn't as scary as the cover, maybe I'll download it too. I always trust your reviews. :) Love you too!

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