Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Loyal Army Clothing Review!

If you like artsy, really unique clothing that allows you to express yourself and make a statement, you have got to check out Loyal Army Clothing! They have some seriously cute stuff, like this T-shirt that says "Let's Mix It Up":

Or how about "I'm a Hot Mess"!
These shirts are SOFT, and the artwork is so adorable. Bright, bold colors and really unique designs make these shirts really stand out from a crowd!

I'm definitely not a kind of girl to make political statements on my clothing. But I love this one about animal rights and I'd feel proud to wear it!

Not a morning person? Let people know! I'd wear this one too!

The second I get a cute little dog, I am buying this adorable dog hoodie!

Loyal Army Clothing designs clothes for women, men, dogs, and babies and kids too! They have some of the coolest little onesies and T-shirts, like this one. . .
None of us bloggers have kids who are VIP's in this crib, right? Nah, didn't think so. MY kids certainly aren't! Haha!

Deal Alert: Loyal Army Clothing is offering a 10% discount off everything on their website, when you use this coupon code: loyalarmy<3su.
They are having a pretty sweet New Year sale right now, and you can combine it with this discount code for some really good deals! Oh, and they run small, so keep that in mind when you order and get some bigger sizes than you would normally buy.

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