Thursday, December 31, 2009

Highlights From Our Whistler Trip!

Our winter weekend getaway in Whistler was a ton of fun! Here are some highlights:

*The Sea-to-Sky Highway between Vancouver and Whistler. STUNNING scenery on both sides!
*The glacial fjords on one side of the highway, with mountains jutting up on both sides and all the forests. Definitely one of the prettiest drives I've ever done!

*Stopping off to see Shannon Falls.
*Staying at the Fairmont Chateau. It was such a nice hotel! We took turns at night while Natalie was sleeping going down to the nice outdoor hot tubs. Nothing like hot-tubbing under the stars on cold, crisp nights!

*Wearing our fun furry hats and coats to keep warm! It was COLD up there.

*Snow! Even though it was hard-packed and old, at least there was snow all over the ground.

*Snuggling Natalie in her warm, fuzzy suits. Don't you just want to cuddle her too? SO cozy!

*Bundling Natalie up and covering her with blankets, then walking around Whistler Village. Natalie stayed so cozy and warm in there, she would fall asleep in her car seat in the stroller. She was the warmest one!

*We didn't get to ski, since we had Natalie with us, but I thought it was awesome how you could literally walk right out of your hotel and be at the bottom of the slopes. No wonder it's such a world-class ski destination!

*We ate at some yummy restaurants! The best was this fondue feast at a Bavarian place. Everything about it was delicious, and especially the chocolate fondue dessert was to DIE for! They said it was made of pure Belgian chocolate, and holy cow, I could swim in that stuff and eat it for the rest of my life! Heavenly! Natalie slept through most of that dinner.

*Whistler Village was super cute!

*Natalie had fun rolling around and playing on our beds in the hotel room. She did NOT sleep well at night in that pack 'n play, but she had a great time during the day.

*We also loved our sleigh ride, that I did the separate post about. It was an awesome weekend trip and we will definitely be going back someday!


  1. Sounds fun and romantic! Btw, you look great, and Natalie looks like a cute little lamb in her white suit!

  2. What beautiful pictures of a beautiful family!


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