Friday, December 4, 2009

Gift Guide: Yubo Lunchbox and Frecklebox Reviews!

When Kirsten is old enough to go to school, she's going to have the coolest lunchbox in her class! Check out these fun lunchboxes from Yubo. . . they come in a bunch of bright colors and have customizable faceplates that can easily be switched out and personalized!

I picked out this faceplate for ours! I just love all the zany zoo animals and the fun colors! I decided not to have it personalized, so that both of my girls could use it someday. This one would be adorable for boys or girls too!
My favorite things about the Yubo Lunchbox:

*They have tons of fun designs (check them all out here) and I love how you can easily switch them up and change the whole look of your lunchbox without having to buy an entire new one! You can even upload photos to your faceplates! I LOVE anything that can be personalized with your own photo. Faceplate sets (comes with front and back) are $9.95 each.

*It's totally dishwasher safe!

*The Yubo Deluxe comes with three sizes of plastic containers and an ice pack that is perfectly designed to fit inside it. The plastic containers are great sizes for sandwiches and snacks, and you can also buy extra containers so you don't have to wash them quite as often. SOOOOO smart! I think the ice pack looks pretty cool!
*Everything is recyclable and made with BPA-free plastic!

The Deluxe Yubo that comes with ALL the stuff is $29.95, and the standard lunchbox is $21.95. Those prices include a free faceplate set! I could most definitely see myself ordering lunchboxes, extra containers, and extra faceplate sets from them in the future, when my kids are in school!

Another cute lunchbox that I received for review is this sassy, girly lunchbox from Frecklebox. This place really specializes in personalized lunchboxes, and they have lots of unique designs for girls or boys! I got this exact one, with Kirsten's name.
My favorite things about Frecklebox:

*The quality of the tin lunchbox is really wonderful. And there's just something so classic and cool about packing a tin lunchbox for your kids to take to school! I also think it's awesome that your kids could use it to store treasures in, or whatever they want!

*Visiting their website is like entering a whole world full of personalized gifts for kids! They will write your child's name on pretty much anything, and you know how much kids love to see their name on stuff! My favorite are their personalized notebooks, and their personalized placemats like this one:

If you want more bang for your buck, the Yubo Deluxe lunchbox is what you'll want to go for. It's a better value, since the Frecklebox lunchbox is $26.95 and includes only the lunchbox. But if you love the vintage look of tin lunchboxes updated with cute designs and personalization (or are looking for other fun gifts), Frecklebox is highly recommended as well!

DEAL ALERT: Frecklebox has a great promotion running until Christmas day! Use the discount code 'wish10' at check-out. You'll received 10% off your purchase, PLUS Frecklebox will donate 10% to the Make-a-Wish Foundation. Amazing! They have raised over $1,200 so far!

Happy shopping!!!

*I received these lunchboxes for review, but was not compensated in any way. These opinions are all mine!

Question for all you seasoned lunch-packing moms out there. . . do you prefer plastic or tin lunchboxes? Or do you brown bag it?


  1. I prefer plastic. With as messy as Hannah is, dishwasher safe makes cleanup so much easier! But tin is very fun for a less messy age. =)

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