Friday, December 4, 2009

Gift Guide: Lucy's Colorful Dreams Etsy Shop Review!

Get 'em while they're hot!
I could just die over how CUTE these hand-made plushies from the Lucy's Colorful Dreams Etsy shop are!!! If somebody wrapped up one of these and gave them to me or one of my kids for Christmas, I'd be speechlessly happy!!!

Yes, I have a weakness for stuffed animals. . . especially if they are hand-made, and as adorable as this Santa. Have you ever seen a cuter Santa? I want him for my mantle!

All of her designs are completely original. . . talk about a talented artist! And right now she's adding a new plushie to her shop every day. This toy soldier is just one of the most original plushies I've ever seen!

I can't even begin to express how badly I want Jingle and Bell, the Christmas Sprites, peeking out of my stocking. They come as an adorable set for only $18!

I'm going nuts over her holiday designs right now, but I would also put Owen the Owl on my shelf all year long! What is it that makes owls so darn cute?

Kirsten is obsessed with the moon. . . Man in the Moon is so perfect for her!

You have GOT to head over to this wonderful shop and see all of her creative and adorable plushies! Any and all of them would make such wonderful Christmas gifts for children OR adults! You are never too old to play with toys as cute as these. I'm so in love with them!!!

Oooh and this is a great feature. . . for $2 extra she'll gift-wrap them for you! So you can get them sent directly to your out-of-state friends, and they'll be wrapped and ready to go under the lucky recipient's tree!


  1. awww thank you ashley ^_^
    please come again!!

  2. WOW GIRL~!
    i love that owl...
    i have started a little owl collection on one of my shelves... and this would be So perfect for it! So cute & original! I might have to order me one for Christmas~!

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