Monday, December 28, 2009

Belated Giveaway Winners!

With all the Christmas busyness, I've been slacking on posting my recent giveaway winners. But I'll bet people haven't had time to check blogs anyway, so it's probably just as well. :) Here are all my last winners of 2009(!!!):

*Winner of the flower doll from Megan's Flowering Boutique is. . . #32!
dace design said... Added Megan's Flowering Boutique as favourites as well :)

*Winner of the S'Quarrels game is. . . #8!
Mrs.Smith said... Looks lik fun! I like that my 4yo. could probably play it with help, and that it's not "baby" simple, but it's not "grown-up" hard. Great kid game.

*Winner of the Admiral Road scarves set is. . . #29!
Kitty said... your button is on my blog.

*Winner of the Made by Jewls $20 Gift Certificate is. . . #56!
Heidi J said... The Chloe Earrings are my fav!

*Winner of the New Fashioned Whispers Mystery Jewelry Gift Package is. . . #108!
Anne-Marie T said... I love the "The First Snow Fall" necklace

*Winner of the Apericots $25 Gift Certificate is. . . #13!
BleuRoo said... I am now their fan on facebook ;)

*Winner of the Scentsy Flameless Candle Christmas set is. . . #15!
The Kooky Queen--Rachel said... I signed up for her newsletter!

Thank you SO much to everyone who enters the giveaways, and especially to the companies and designers who provide the spectacular prizes. If you haven't gotten lucky yet but have been faithfully entering, I'm sure 2010 will be your year! :)


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