Friday, December 18, 2009

Gift Guide: Bugalug Review!

Need some cute stocking stuffers for some adorable little people in your life? Bugalug's got you covered! They sell wonderful, high-quality accessories for babies and kids. Their mantra is "Simple and Sassy Accessories That Stay In Place." And they really do! I love the headband we received for Kirsten! Headbands usually don't last more than five minutes on her head before they fall off, but this one stays on all day!

Bugalug's headbands are super soft and comfortable, non-slip, and fully adjustable to fit anyone from infants to adults! SOOOO cool!!! They use a sliding toggle that allows you to fit the headband perfectly to any head, and it's so comfortable you won't even feel it! Plus they come in lots of fun, girly designs.
Bugalug also creates awesome soother-savers (or binky clips, as we call them in my house). They have some unique and cool featuring, including:
*Two snaps, so they're more adjustable
*Because of the different snap sizes, you can also loop it around toys or sippy cups
*Gender-neutral, girl, and boy designs are all available!
*I love the little Bugalug logo on the snap clip. Too cute!

They sell these fun pony loops in packs of three or as single clips. Way to jazz up a ponytail!

Bugalug has some really good prices! Their soother savers are normally $10, but some really cute ones are on sale right now for $5! Single pony loops sell for $3.50 each, and headbands are $8 each.

Happy shopping!


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