Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!!!!!

Happy New Year, everyone!!! Wow, 2010. . . how could it NOT be a great year when it sounds as awesome as 2010? It's just asking to be amazing!!!

2009 was a wonderful year. It did have its ups and downs, but it brought sweet Natalie Joy into our lives and many other good things as well!

What's the new year without some good old New Year's resolutions??? Our family has some great ones this year:

Ashley's Resolutions:

1. Lose 10 more pounds by March. . . and then maintain that weight all year long!
2. Be an even better mother and wife. Laugh harder, play harder, work harder!
3. Make some new friends.
4. Learn how to use my new camera and take even better photos!
5. Go on lots of fun new adventures! (Now that's at least ONE that I know I won't break)

Kirsten's Resolutions:
1. To give up the binky and the crib.
2. To become a potty-trained child. QUICKLY and easily!
3. To go to nursery, by myself, and stay there. And like it!
4. To share all my toys with Baby Natalie.

Natalie's Resolutions:
1. To sleep ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT. Every night!!! Period.
2. To grow all my teeth, quickly and painlessly, so that I'm no longer a hot teething mess.
3. To keep being cute as can be!

Stephen's Resolutions:
1. To learn ballroom dancing and sweep my wife off her feet.
2. To write love letters to my wife, at least once a week, expressing my love and undying devotion.
3. To become a fabulous maker of breakfast in bed.
4. To learn to enjoy shopping.
5. To read "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus" and apply all principles read.
(Oooh, he's gonna kill me!)
What do you think of our resolutions? Will we keep them or break them?
Happy New Year and a wonderful 2010 to all my awesome friends and readers!!!


  1. Wish you and your family

    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010!!!

  2. This program: comes highly recommended, if you're looking for help with Kirsten's potty-training goal. =) Good luck!!

  3. This made me laugh! Love it. I think I'm going to do something similar.

    And who knows? Maybe the Veaters will meet all those resolutions! Not holding my breath about your Sweetheart learning to enjoy shopping, though. If Stephen is anything like my hubby... yeah. Good luck with that!

  4. I think you can keep your resolutions, everyone else, umm it's hard to say! Steven, maybe not so much with the enjoying shopping and reading that book. I'm doing a Weight Loss Contest you might want to check out. Could help you keep one resolution!

    Happy New Year!

  5. Love it!!! I love that picture of you, your hair is SO cute!!!

  6. Hmmm... sounds like not all those resolutions were written by their "authors" :)

  7. What a cute post! I love "Stephen's resolutions". :) I wish those were Jared's, too. :) The "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" is such a great book!

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