Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Who Do They Look Like?

Just for fun. . . I want to know who everyone thinks my kids look like!

Do you think they look like each other?
Who looks more like me?
Do either of them look anything like Stephen?

All opinions are welcome!

*This was Kirsten at 9 months old, right when she started crawling.

*I wasn't kidding about all the hair Kirsten had!

*Natalie at 8 months, on the day she started crawling.

*Crawling was definitely her Christmas gift to herself!

*This is why I have to laugh if anybody ever says Natalie has a lot of hair. She's got nothing on Kirsten! But I love Natalie's poufy hair!

*This one is. . . ME, probably around Natalie's age

*And another one of yours truly!

*I couldn't find any pictures of Stephen crawling or around that crawling age, so here's the best I could do: (He's a younger baby in this one, but you get the idea of what he looked like)

*Cute one of Stephen and his grandpa
Can't wait to hear all of your opinions! I'll do another post in a few weeks about what I think of all the responses. :)

And of course their beautiful blue eye color looks like neither of us. We both have brown eyes. They are lucky girls!


  1. Natalie is all you!!! We were both up late last night and I'm guessing you're still asleep - so unfair! (although my kids are sleeping in until 7:00 these days)

  2. I think Kirsten is all you. Even the face shape -- I hadn't noticed that till you posted the pics of you as a baby. I think Natalie looks a little more like Stephen than Kirsten does, but still a lot like you.

  3. Wow! Whenever I see Natalie I totally think she looks just like Stephen. But after you posted those pictures of you, I realized I was totally wrong. Natalie looks JUST like you!! And I think Kirsten is a good mix of both you and Stephen.

    I think the girls look like sisters, but they don't really look alike....yet!

  4. Natalie-- YOU!!!
    Kristen-- a good pudding mix of you and stephen! :) They are BOTH gorgeous girls!!!

  5. Hmmmm I think Kirsten looks like you now while Natalie looks more like you as a baby. Of course I see both you and Stephen in them but I think in general Kirsten looks more like you. Natalie has your coloring though...

  6. Such beautiful pictures of ALL of you! I never thought Natalie looked much like you but in your baby picture I can totally see a strong resemblance! And I think Kirsten's baby pics look more like Natalie than she does now. But now I think Kirsten looks more like you. It's so fun to watch them grow and change and see the family resemblance. :)

  7. Oh you definitely look much more like Natalie to me! She even has your hair! Kirsten is her own person though, I can't tell who she looks like! :) She's a good mix of you both, definitely! Such beautiful girls!


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