Monday, January 11, 2010


Well, it's here. My least favorite month of the year. After all the excitement, warmth, and colors of the holiday season, I'm always left feeling a bit empty and dreary in January.

I really like new beginnings, and new resolutions and goals. I just wish there was something I could really look forward to in January! The Christmas decorations finally came down yesterday (even though I haven't posted a single Christmas picture yet on my blog. That will happen. . . hopefully before February). Without all the decorations, our house looks really clean and uncluttered, but somehow sad too. I kind of hate putting up my old decorations that have been up for years, and feel the need for something all new and fresh and invigorating. January would be such a great time to re-decorate. If only we hadn't spent so much money on Christmas!

So who else agrees with me. . . we need fun stuff to do in January too!

Lucky for us, it turns out this month is PACKED with holidays!!! You can thank my lovely friend Google for telling me all about them. Take your pick! And I'm only listing the best ones!

(The first few have already past, but I'll still list them anyway).
*January 3- Festival of Sleep Day. I think Natalie missed the memo on that one.
Also Fruitcake Toss Day. Really???
*January 6- Bean Day. The ironic thing here is it's also Cuddle Up Day. Is it just me or do beans and cuddling usually not go together too well?
*January 8- Bubble Bath Day. I wish I hadn't missed this one!
*January 11- Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friends Day. That's today! I better go find a few puddles!
*January 12- Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day. I promise, I didn't even make that up!
*January 13- Make Your Dreams Come True Day. Do you think Disney funded this one?
*January 14- Dress Up Your Pet Day. Our cats will be thrilled!
*January 15- National Hat Day. A great excuse to wear your craziest hat!
*January 17- Ditch New Years Resolutions Day. Oh wait, I thought that day was on January 2'nd?
*January 18- Winnie the Pooh Day (Birthday of the author). Awww!
*January 19- National Popcorn Day. Party at my house!
*January 20- Penguin Awareness Day. (???) Okay, um, another party at my house. I can think of a few movies we can watch!
*January 21- National Hugging Day. Also Squirrel Appreciation Day. For best holiday cheer results, go hug a squirrel!
*January 23- National Pie Day. Who wouldn't love this one?
*January 24- Compliment Day. Nice!
*January 27- Chocolate Cake Day. Mmm, chocolate cake for breakfast!
*January 28- National Kazoo Day. Hey, I remember those!
*January 31- Backward Day. You could have a lot of fun with kids on this one. Wear your clothes backwards, serve dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner, go on a backward walk around the block!

There you go. . . an entire list of ways you can beat those January blues! Aren't you glad you read my blog today? January better not be boring anymore!

I'd love to hear everyone's ideas! What do you do to jazz up your January?


  1. I was born on Backward Day? Wow, things are starting to make a lot of sense for me now! :)

  2. Great post! Love ya lots my precious friend! ♥ HUGS ♥

  3. I was bummed after the holidays too but January will be GREAT!! #1, there is that nice holiday on the 18th so we get a break then. #2...DISNEYLAND!!!!!!! #3 Magic Mountain!!! #4, My anniversary!!! January will be an awesome month! I loved your list too!!!

  4. I just told Bryan about Squirrel
    Appreciation Day. We'll definitely have to commemorate that! Thanks for sharing such a fun list. I don't mind the slow down of January because in March I start the mad dash of 4-bdays-in-6-weeks. =) January gives me a chance to breathe & plan for that.

  5. WOW!! I always think January goes so slow too...but I love these ideas. Some of those are hillarious...Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day??? That is Debbie's birthday too...haha!

  6. My birthday didn't make the list??? Can't wait for tomorrow's feast!!!

  7. How have I missed out on all these great holidays all my life!? Your comments are hilarious. I totally wish I could come to your popcorn and penguin parties - I'm sure you'd make them rock.. You'd probably decorate with popcorn and eat it, and Mike loves Happy Feet. :)

  8. Hahahaha...hug a squirrel cracked me up, your so silly!

  9. We should play pictureka with your penguin on penguin awareness day and squarells on squirrel Appreciation day.

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