Friday, January 22, 2010

Today. . .

Today. . . I am packing to leave the country! Yep, I'm runnin' for the border!
I am lucky enough to be heading out for a kid-free weekend in Vancouver, BC with my friend Miranda!!! We've got two nights in a downtown hotel, and we're more than ready for some rest, relaxation, sight-seeing, yummy food-eating, and girl time! Much thanks to our awesome husbands for braving the kids alone for the weekend!
I've never been to Vancouver (other than driving through it), so I am very excited!!! There's pretty much nothing better than traveling somewhere for the first time! The weather forecast says 40's and scattered showers, so not nearly as cold as Whistler was. Vancouver, here I come!

Fun fact: My passport is still in my maiden name, and it expires in April. I can't believe it's been 10 years since I first got it to go on tour in Europe with my youth orchestra. Little did I know then about the travel bug that was lurking within me, waiting to be unleashed! I never would have guessed how well-used my passport would be in 10 years. I love that passport. . . other than my awful picture! I have ugly bangs, a retainer that I forgot to take out for the photo, and my skin looks green from the lighting. I think it's the ugliest picture of me in existence.

Today. . . my toes hurt!!!
I had my first EVER dinner disaster tonight. I was making Virginia's Baked Spaghetti (go here for the yummy recipe), and I had mixed everything up and was all set to layer the spaghetti and the cheese sauce in my pan. I was balancing the heavy bowl on the pan while pouring half the spaghetti in and trying to keep half in the bowl, and somehow the whole pan slid off the counter, flipped over, and landed right on my foot. Spaghetti and sauce were everywhere, and my toes are now puffy, swollen, and bruised. Ouch!!!
Thankfully, half the spaghetti and all of the sauce was still intact, so we were still able to have a (smaller) dinner and it was still plenty of food for everyone plus leftovers!

Today. . . Stephen and I finally got all caught up with Lost! We started watching Season 1 on DVD last year, and of course got completely hooked. Now we've seen ALL the seasons, and we just finished the final episode of Season 5 tonight. Yikes, what a cliffhanger! I'm glad we only have to wait a couple of weeks to start the new season! Of course I have a million questions, and I can't wait for the new season to begin!

Isn't this an awesome photo? The Lost Supper!

Fun fact: My favorite characters from Lost through all the seasons have been-
*Charlie (I really hope he's back! I loved his story and he was just so sweet)
*Sawyer and Juliette (I always liked Sawyer, and I really like him and Juliette together. She softens him, and I think she's a great character too)
*Hurley (gotta love him!)

Who else is excited for the new season? Who are your favorite characters?


  1. I burnt my cornbread last night :( so i know what you're feeling :)

    Have FUN running for the Border Chica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is gonna be FUN FUN FUN!!!

    Take lots o' pictures!

  2. p.s. i hope your toes heal up BEFORE your trip!

  3. We love Lost! I've seen Charlie in the previews - Juliette looks like she won't be back - but you are never really dead on Lost, are you? If I had to pick a character I'd want to be on the island with, it would have to be Sayid so he'd protect me - he can kick some butt! Love Sawyer's one liners.

  4. Girls vacation sounds fun!! I love the new pic of you and your girls on the beach - such joy. You have such a beautiful family!

  5. I'm SUPER excited for Lost to start again, too!! It is amazing! I really liked Claire, and Charlie. Of course Sawyer is interesting too. I hope you two have tons of fun in Canada!! Miranda LOVES Canadians!!!

  6. I'm SO excited for LOST. I've been trying to catch up since I missed last season. My favorite character is definitely Sawyer.

  7. Sorry about your toes, and your spaghetti! I hope it's feeling better. That will be a fun weekend in Vancouver. Lost is my second favorite show, next to The Office! I can't wait for the new season too. I like Sawyer, Hurley, and Ben. Not that I like Ben's character, but I think he is a super good actor and he is so creepy and mysterious!

  8. Everyone but Kate. They focus way too much on her, and I don't like her at all.


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