Saturday, January 30, 2010


Yes, I know that when your baby wakes up in the middle of the night you're not supposed to talk to them, play with them, or get them excited at all. You just go in the room, change the diaper, fix what they need, and leave.

But tell me if YOU could resist this. . .

Walking into Natalie's room at 2 in the morning and finding her sitting up in the crib, so happy that she turned her mobile on all by herself! She gives you the biggest smile in the world and starts laughing and squealing.

My heart melted! I just had to laugh with her and play peek-a-boo through the crib slats for a few minutes. It was one of those middle of the night moments that remind you why being a mom is so great and SO incredibly worth it.

Don't you just love moments like those?

Natalie. . . you truly are irresistible.


  1. She is too cute.

    The Hulk is pretty irresistable, too. He learned long ago to smile to get out of trouble. It almost always softened me. I remember the days of me saying, "Noo..." just to have him smile and run away.

    Be careful!! ;o)

  2. That is so sweet!!! You make me hungry for BABIES! Lots of them!!! :)

  3. I do have moments like those! We walked in on ours after she had been fussing when supposed to be taking a nap. Turns out she had pulled herself to standing in the crib and wanted us to see. When we walked in there she was squealing and shrieking in excitement!

  4. So sweet! I love those moments! Thanks for sharing! :)

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