Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Scrapits Keepsake Pages Review

I love finding out details about what my daughters' names mean, and also about their birthdates. Scrapits is a really nice company that provides these services for a great price! They sent me a page for Kirsten about the day she was born, and a page for Natalie about the meaning of her name. They are perfect additions to scrapbooks and baby books, and they come in a clear sheet protector so I can easily slide them right into a binder.

I love all their cute background choices!
I got this Winnie the Pooh one for Natalie's page:
Some things I learned from this page about Natalie's name are:

*Her name means Birthday, Child Born at Christmas (too bad she was born in April. Oh well. . . I still love her name!)
*She has a lot of charisma and is a people person, never far from a crowd (Ain't that the truth! She's only four months old and already this is VERY true about her! She refuses to go to bed until really late at night because she doesn't want to miss anything.)
*She is honest, and doesn't compromise her principles.
*She is an instinctive helper of others, and needs to be of service.

The birthday history page I got for Kirsten is full of interesting facts I didn't know about May 13'th, such as:
*May 13'th is Indian Day, as well as Jamestown Day.
*She shares a birthday with Yogi Berra, Mary Wells, and Stevie Wonder!
*The most popular songs when she was born included Dani California (love that song!), Jesus Take the Wheel, and Be Without You.

These Scrapits keepsake pages would make wonderful and unique gifts!
They also offer Wedding Date keepsake pages, perfect for your anniversary.

The prices are $9.95 per print, and they have a discount for my readers!
If you put 'AVeater' in the notes in your shopping cart, you will get a buy one get one free deal! Pretty sweet!!!

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