Friday, September 11, 2009

Hiking!!! (Otherwise known as Kirsten's new favorite thing)

I love hiking!
As long as the hikes aren't too long or too steep, or seem designed to make me ultra-aware of how out-of-shape I really am. :) Short, easy, beautiful hikes are my kind of hikes!

Stephen and our good friend Chance took Kirsten on a hike a few weeks ago. I didn't go on this one (I was at home with baby Natalie), but Kirsten had an awesome time! Don't even think about mentioning the word "hiking" around her or she thinks she's going to go hiking now and she'll run around yelling, "Hiking, hiking!"

Check out those cool rocks!
We bought our baby backpack when Kirsten was one year old and we took our trip to the gorgeous Olympic peninsula. She wasn't even walking yet at that time, just crawling! When she was one year old she loved being in the backpack, feeling the motion and looking around at everything. That was an awesome trip!

Kirsten still fits in the baby backpack, and she still enjoyed riding in it!
They met some strange Washington wilderness creatures on their hike. . . like this adorable fuzzy little guy! I guess Kirsten thought it was a "bee" and she was a little scared of it. (She stepped on a bee while she was in California. . . so most bugs are "bees" to her now).
And that is a seriously huge disgusting slug! Holy cow!

Kirsten was SO excited to be hiking with the boys!
She rode in the backpack part of the time. . .

And climbed around for the rest of the time. She was in hog heaven, with all those logs and rocks to climb all over!

I know we're incredibly lucky to live in such a beautiful place, with more hikes than we could ever complete! We need to take advantage of it more often!

So I want to know. . . Where is your favorite place to go hiking?


  1. Ashley! It's me!
    Hiking, well, hmmm, I'm not a hiker and even in my younger years I wasn't a hiker. Never have been much into climbing! LOL
    Secondly, I know I'm late for that last giveaway...totally didn't have time to enter. But thanks for the heads up.
    And lastly, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog page and your pictures. It's so warm and inviting!
    Thanks for stopping by my place. I don't get a change to leave many comments lately and I havne't had time to do much posting either. But I'm not leaving blogland, so don't give up on me!
    Have a great day!

  2. I love the pictures! It is something that you should find out of a nature magazine. Love it! How does that backpack work out for you? Do you really like it? And I have to say that I am super impressed with how long Kirsten's hair is! I still want to hike to the P in San Marcos. Other than that, my favorite places to hike are mostly in Oregon.

  3. I love hiking!!! That hike looks beautiful. And Kirsten really does look like she is in Heaven! She is adorable :)

  4. I liked hiking up to the top of Multnomah Falls. That was way before kids. We've taken the kids on a couple of "hikes" on a nearby butte.

    I love our backpack carrier. I don't use a stroller because it's a lot easier getting around in places. I can go through all of the exhibits in the zoo without having to worry about leaving a stroller outside!

  5. You are always doing the FUNNEST things! I LOVE following your pictures and reading these posts. I live vicariously through you in WA. I love that place! :) ♥

  6. Got to say it is UTAH! I loved hiking Timp every summer and snowshoeing Nebo in the winter. I miss it! Texas is so flat that stairs are a hike for people here!

  7. boy oh boy... hiking may be a tough workout but it sure makes for some Great Pictures!!!! i cant believe how much Ashley has grown since last year!!!!!! wow!!!!

  8. I gotta say that Moab, Utah has some great hikes! But then, I'm a little partial...

  9. I love those trees in your pics!

    I enjoy hiking, but don't get to go often since my husband and most of my friends don't like it. I don't have a favorite place to hike, but love to be able to see pretty views somewhere along the way.

  10. What gorgeous pictures! I caught the hiking bug a couple years ago while hiking up by Copper Basin in Idaho. I don't really think where you hike matters as long as your out having fun and enjoying nature. Love it!

  11. What great pictures!!!!!!! Those funky bugs are seriously COOOOOOL!!! She is so cute in her backpack too!

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