Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's Almost October!

What a beautiful fall day it has been! It's been the coldest day we've had for quite awhile, which really makes it feel like October is here. And I'm so happy that I got my Halloween decorations up before October 1'st! Stephen got all the boxes out of storage today, and I decorated the house tonight! Now it really feels festive at my house!

Kirsten "helped" me take all the decorations out of the boxes, and she really got a kick out of everything! She loves the witches and the pumpkins and scarecrows, but she's scared of the ghosts and the spiders. I don't really have any spider decorations, but there was one little plastic spider that was inside her trick-or-treat bucket. She called it "scary spider" and pushed it away, so I took the spider out. After that she kept staring suspiciously into her bucket, like she expected the spider to reappear.
Guess who loves Halloween decorations the most in our house? I think it's the cats! They go crazy! I'll post some pictures soon.

Some other things that really make me feel like October is already here:

*I've realized I've got to start thinking about Halloween costumes! I have a really cute idea for Kirsten and Natalie, but my mind is pretty blank when it comes to costumes for Stephen and me. I want to be something really fun!

This is my favorite Halloween picture. I can't believe Kirsten (at 5 months old) was ever small enough to fit inside a pumpkin!

For her first Halloween she was a ladybug!

And last year she was a cute little butterfly fairy. . .

*Want to know my secret to really making it feel like fall in your house?
Buy a pumpkin spice candle, or any spicy, autumny scent that you love. I adore my pumpkin spice candle, and I light it every night! Smells so yummy!!!

*Halloween Oreos. . . . my biggest October weakness! I don't care that the package says "Same great taste." They taste BETTER, and I can't explain why! They just do!

*I'm so excited to go see 'Wicked' in Seattle this Saturday!
I have been waiting and waiting, after hearing all the hype from everyone about this show, and can't wait to see why everybody raves about it so much. How's that for the perfect kick-off to the holiday season?

What are some other things I should do to welcome October in? I love getting new ideas!


  1. What a cute little lady bug and butterfly :) Yay for Fall!

  2. I love fall!!! That picture of your little sweetie in the pumpkin is too cute!!!! :)

  3. love her costumes. so cute! I too LOVE to light cider or pumpkin spice candles, it really helps set the mood for the season :)

  4. What adorable pictures!! Halloween is just about my favorite holiday. I still haven't seen Wicked but I've heard so much about it that I REALLY want to go.

    This year I'm going to paint wooden blocks and mod podge Halloween paper and write "Spooky" and "Boo" on them. I'm not really a craft person but I'm excited to do these!

  5. Oh yea!! I am so excited that you get to see Wicked! You know how when people build things up they are usually a dissapointment? That is so NOT how this show was for me! It was even better than everyone made it sounds. I can't wait to hear what you thought!

  6. Wicked is so awesome... you will love it!! We always make Halloween sugar cookies every October. Not a big thing, but it's my favorite tradition because I love homemade sugar cookies!!

  7. I totally agree with you about Halloween Oreos! So jealous you are going to see Wicked!

  8. I love this post! October and Fall in general is my favorite time of year. : ) To get in the mood, I make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, spend as much time as I can out in the cold, crisp air, and make fall inspired crafts. : )

  9. I love this time of year! I almost have more Halloween decorations than I have Christmas decorations.

    And I'm gonna go light my pumpkin spice candle...

  10. "Wicked" is such a fun show. You are going to love it too!

    I love October. I especially love crunching leaves as I walk down the sidewalk. I've already been teaching Sam how to jump on dead leaves - he loves it.

    I haven't even thought much about Halloween costumes. I guess I better get on the ball!

  11. SO jealous you're seeing Wicked!! Hope you love it.

    That picture of Kirsten in the pumpkin is so cute.

  12. UGH!!! Kill me with the oreos!!! I've been trying to be wheat free but those oreos have been haunting me in the stores!!! I love Kirsten in the pumpkin, such an adorable picture!! And candles, yes!! PUMPKIN SPICE IS MY FAVE TOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I love it so much!
    p.s. Come enter my giveaway and maybe you can win one since you give so many the chance to win yours! :)

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