Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day and Happy Fall!!!

I know it's not officially fall yet. . . but it sure feels like it! With cold, rainy temperatures this whole weekend, I think summer is kinda over in Seattle. We're having a Labor Day BBQ today, but it really doesn't feel like BBQ weather. It feels like cool, crisp, beautiful FALL and that makes me happy! Fall is my very favorite season!
Reasons why I love FALL:

*Summers in Seattle are beautiful, but Fall in Seattle is gorgeous! I love all the beautiful trees and leaves, and the way the orange and red leaves stand out against a backdrop of tall, dark pine trees. Spectacular! I'm looking forward to those leaves changing!

*It's the start of the holiday season! Can't wait for Halloween!!!

*I sleep so much better when it's chilly and I feel like snuggling up under thick, cozy quilts. I love feeling cozy!

*Fall gives me a newfound desire each year to cook and bake! I suddenly have the urge to make soups, chilis, apple pies, homemade rolls, and all kinds of warm, yummy comfort foods.

*Kids go back to school! (My kids aren't old enough for school yet. . . but all the kid places will be MUCH less crowded now that older kids are back in school!)

*College football season is back! Stephen is especially excited about this. Did anybody else catch the season opener for the BYU Cougars on Saturday? We beat the #3 ranked team, Oklahoma! Pretty awesome!!!
I'm a good Cougar fan. . . See, I'm personal friends with Cosmo.

Me and my cousin Jessica were die-hard fans when we were students. We went to games when it was snowy and freezing cold!

Stephen is a Utah fan, so we have a pretty good rivalry going in our house every fall. I love this picture of the Cougars stomping down the Utes. . . just what will happen this November!

I hope everyone has a great Labor Day and enjoys the end of summer and beginning of Fall!!!
Do you love Fall too, or are you sad to see summer end?


  1. I love fall too!! The colors are gorgeous! And I love how you included BYU football! Wasn't the Oklahama game amazing??!! GO COUGS! :)

  2. I also meant to thank you for telling me about Mum Mums! I had never heard of them before but she LOVES them! :)

  3. I'm like you. I LOVE fall and for basically all of the same reasons you posted! Except I like the WSU Cougars! ;) Also, I got my necklace from Ampersand Designs last week and I totally love it. Thanks!

  4. Was that the 2004 or 2008 game when that happened?

    2002 Utah 13, BYU 6
    2003 Utah 3, BYU 0
    2004 Utah 52, BYU 21
    2005 Utah 41, BYU 34 (OT)
    2006 BYU 33, Utah 31
    2007 BYU 17, Utah 10
    2008 Utah 48, BYU 24

  5. Ooh, you make me want to live in Seattle!!! Actually, it's been a wish of mine for years. And I LOVE.THE.FALL. Love it. For all the reasons you listed, except football. Not a huge fan, though I do get the hugest urge in the world to cook and bake! :)

  6. fall is my favorite...colors are so good... and I loved ur picss!!!

  7. Fall is my favorite too! I love the cooler weather, the colorful leaves (loved the photo on your post!), Halloween and Thanksgiving, pumpkins, eating soup and muffins, etc. I like all the seasons, and I love a relaxing summer, but I'm glad summer in AZ is on it's way out soon!

  8. It’s felt like fall here too!!! Colder than normal and I’m half tempted to put the heat on. But I won’t! I love fall too though!!

  9. I love fall (at least, I've always loved fall in Utah)! I'm curious to see this year what fall is like in the Northwest. I hope it's not too rainy!

  10. Orange, yellow, and red! I love fall colors. I'm excited for pumpkins, pies, chili, and harvest festivals.

    I like BYU too but my heart is with Boise State. Go Broncos!!

  11. I'm crying buckets that summer is over!!!!!!!!!! I love it so much. I sleep much better too in the fall though so that is one plus. :)

  12. I'm always sad to see summer end, it's probably my favorite season just because I loooove the sun, but lately, I've come to really appreciate fall. I bought new pumpkin harvest scented air freshener and my house smells just downright festive. And I can't wait for the cooler weather for soups and chilis and yummy hearty foods! Ah!

  13. I'm really excited too. I was a little dissapointed that it was sunny today and should be for the next few days. I wanna put up my fall decorations!

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