Saturday, September 19, 2009

K.C. Fuzzy Review

Calling all fellow animal-lovers. . . I instantly fell in love with the artwork of K.C. Fuzzy!
Katie Covington is the artist, and she draws and paints adorable, fuzzy little animals. She captures such a gorgeous spirit that these animals have, and the artwork is sweet, innocent, and totally cute. . . and perfect for decorating a nursery or little kid's bedroom! I find that lots of art geared towards nurseries is way too "cutesy." The animals featured in these prints are both adorable and beautiful at the same time.

I received the Tiger Art Print, and I adore the sweet face on this gorgeous tiger!
I hung it up in my two year-old daughter's room, and she loves to point to it and say "Tigey."
My favorite things about K.C. Fuzzy:
*The artwork all really IS fuzzy! The fuzzy image stands out from the paper, and it makes it really unique!
*The animals and colors used are completely gender-neutral, so they would all work great for a boy or a girl.
*The art prints are all printed on premium quality paper and double-matted, so they're ready to instantly frame in an 8x10 frame. Each one is also signed by the artist!
*They come wrapped in tissue paper and tied with a cute bow, so they're definitely gift-ready.
*They also silk-screen the images onto cute little infant snapsuits.
*I just LOVE what this company stands for. . . all four featured animals are on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, and K.C. Fuzzy joins with WWF's efforts to save endangered animals, and gives back some of her proceeds to the animals.
*The tiger is my favorite, but I think each one of the animals is adorable!

Each art print is $22, which I think is such a good price for a really beautiful and high-quality art print! And each snapsuit is $28. Visit her website and enjoy her beautiful designs that support a great cause!


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