Friday, September 25, 2009

My Newest Winners!

I've noticed that I'm kind of a slacker about posting the winners of giveaways right when they end. I usually let it go a few days over. But don't worry, if I have the giveaway still posted under "Current Giveaways" when you enter, I still count your entry. I'm just nice that way. :)

*The winner of the Sweet Abigail Hairbows is. . . #6!
Corey and Kim Nasfell said... I would definitely get one of the big gumdrop bows...probably the candy isle gumdrop.
(Holy cow, this girl has now won THREE giveaways from my blog! Best record ever!!! Maybe it's because she gave some of her adorable bows from Azure Sky Creations up for one of my giveaways. Good karma has paid back!)

*The winner of the Laken & Lila skirt is. . . #1!
Bethany said... I like the Girly Polka Dot, Bow and Pearl Corduroy Twirl Skirt!
(She has also won a giveaway from me before! And I'm glad to see the first one to comment DOES win sometimes!)

*The winner of the DWilcox necklace is. . . #79!
Motherboard said... SERIOUSLY? I cannot choose just one. If I were shopping, I would have to have one of everything. Especially the wicked witch stuff. And the Jack from Nightmare before Christams. And the wicked one. And the Paris one... SEE?? One of everything please!! (I have been looking everywhere for these necklaces!)

*The winner of the Monsoons and Mangoes Custom Dress is. . . #66!
catss99 said... I follow the blog

*The winner of the Snugs Boutique item of choice is. . . #33!
Jaime said... Its really hard to choose, so many great items, but I would love the wipes for sure!

*The winner of the Krize totally adorable brooch and pin is. . . #57!
Carol Anne said... I have this shop in my favorites.

Thank you SOOOOO much to the companies and designers for donating such awesome products to these giveaways, and thank you to everyone who follows my blog and enters my giveaways!


  1. when will i win... :((.. i m so sad..

    Congratulations to all winners...

  2. To chirpy-paaro-is there anything in particular that you are looking to win? serious question

  3. Thank you so much!!!! How exciting! Love, love, love your blog!!!!

  4. YEA!!!!!!!! Oh heavens, how I love to win and I've NEVER won so much!! This is awesome because I really, really, REALLY wanted that gum drop bow!! Wahoo!! :) Send me a message on etsy if you need my address again and what info you need from me to get my prize! :)


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