Friday, September 25, 2009

5 Months Old!!!

Natalie the sunshine baby is five months old!!!

*She really IS our little sunshine! She's just the happiest baby I've ever seen the majority of the time, and it's incredibly easy to make her smile and laugh! It's so much fun! ALL you have to do is smile at her and her whole face will light up into a smile for you. And she has the greatest laugh! She laughs hard at so many things now!

*She doesn't roll over yet. She rolled over a few times from her tummy to her back, but I think she forgot how because I haven't seen her do it in awhile. And she hasn't rolled over the other way yet. But she is always trying to sit up on her own, even though she slumps over and can't really do it. She'll be lying on the floor trying to sit up, so you just see her head come up off the floor and it looks like she's trying to do crunches. Funny baby!

*She's still a little teething machine, and loves to chew and suck on absolutely anything. She's also discovered how fun it is to grab onto long hair and PULL. She loves to grab at toys that are dangling down over her, and she already thinks peek-a-boo games are hilarious.

*I just don't know what to do about getting her on a sleeping schedule during the day. Some days she'll take a long, awesome nap, and other days she'll sleep for 20 minutes and then is wide awake and wants to play. It makes it kind of hard for me to plan out my days, but at least if all else fails I can put her in the car seat and go somewhere and she'll fall asleep in there if she's tired. Her car seat is getting heavy, but at least she's portable!

*She's still a total night owl, and she almost always fights sleep at night. We'll be rocking her and we know she's tired, and she still keeps popping her head up to look around and see what's going on. It's hard to get her to relax, and I think she just doesn't want to miss out on anything. That doesn't remind me of anyone I know, not at all. . . :)

*Natalie is so snuggly, sweet, and smiley! I just love having her in our family so much!


  1. Baby Natalie, aka Sunshine Baby, is too cute! And she has such a great little smile!

  2. She is such a love! She makes me smile when ever I get to hold her!!!

  3. Isn't it nice to have Kirsten to run around and entertain her a bit. Emily used to love watching Rachel, even if Rachel didn't know it - and I thought, What did I do all day with Rachel!

  4. She so cute and squishy!! As she gets older, you can definitely tell she and Kirsten are sisters! When Natalie was born, I didn't think she looked anything like Kirsten but now they are definitely looking alike!

  5. What an adorable baby! She is changing so much... what happened to all that dark hair? You have two beautiful little girls!

  6. Wow, I can't believe she is 5 months! She is adorable!

  7. Hello!
    I just finished a 9 page essay about all of the people in my life that affected me. It is for sociology...
    My babies would crawl before they sat up...Kind of different, but that's what they did.
    Every stage of their life is important and keep cheering them on!They DO need to learn how to be independent and that includes with their mouth unfortunately...
    My 2 missionaries are doing great!
    Some days I get 2 letters on the same day!!!
    It's been a crazy couple months with my own family. My sister had shoulder surgery for a bone spur. My brother had a mini-stroke right before he turned 50. He's all better! and my mom was in the hospital too. That happened all in September!It sure makes me appreciate each one of them more!!!
    I am still losing weight too!
    Keep smiling!


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