Saturday, September 5, 2009

Cloud B Dozy Dolphin On the Go Review!

As the mother of a baby who has night owl tendencies, I am willing to try just about anything that can help children fall asleep and stay asleep. I'm sure all other parents will relate with me on that!
Cloud B is a company specifically designed to help children sleep easier and safer. They call themselves the Baby Sleep Specialists! I was so excited to try the Dozy Dolphin On the Go they sent me to review. I started putting it in Natalie's crib, and then took it with us on our camping trip to test it out on the road!

I've always loved dolphins, and this one is so cuddly and soft. Just look at how cute he is!
Not only is the Dozy Dolphin cute, it has a removable sound box tucked inside it that plays four tranquil water-based sounds. Such a cool idea! A sound machine and stuffed animal all in one!
My favorite things about the Dozy Dolphin On the Go are. . .

*I love the soothing water sounds. It has Ocean Waves (my personal favorite), Dolphins Playing, Whale Songs, and Tranquil Melody.

*It's SOOOOO soft, and made of hypoallergenic bamboo fabric! It's great for the environment, softer than cotton, and won't irritate even the most sensitive skin. Natalie's not old enough to hug it while she sleeps yet, but I hope it can be a comfort object for her when she gets a little bit older!

*You can adjust the volume, and set the timer for the sounds to play for 23 or 45 minutes. This is such a smart feature!!!

*The Dozy Dolphin has a velcro strap on the bottom that attaches easily to a crib or stroller. I love being able to attach it to her stroller while she's napping to help her sleep longer! On our camping trip we just laid it on the air mattress next to us, and the strap is really soft and doesn't get in the way if you're not using it.

*It came with a really cute little booklet that teaches kids all about dolphins, includes a little story about the dolphin, and even has an adoption certificate!

*It's educational. . . the Dozy Dolphin has one eye open and one eye shut. The box it came in explained that in the wild dolphins actually sleep with one eye open and the other eye shut! I never knew that!

*Cloud B is dedicated to bringing awareness to endangered animal species, and a portion of their profits are donated to Conservation International. Love that!!!

So. . . does it work???
My verdict:
It helped ME sleep better on our camping trip just as much as it helped my four month-old baby sleep!!! It really helped a ton! Rather than being disturbed by the loud insects in the bushes and people snoring in other tents, I turned on the Ocean Waves sound and put the Dozy Dolphin really close to my head. It was so relaxing! I loved the fact that it shuts off after 45 minutes so it doesn't keep running all through the night and burn up the batteries. Natalie slept all the way through the night, and when the other campers started waking up too early in the morning I just turned the sound on for another 45 minutes so we wouldn't be disturbed. Natalie slept in later than she normally does at home!

I definitely give the Dozy Dolphin On the Go 5 stars! I'll be taking it on all of our future trips, without fail!!!

Cloud B sells many other sleep aids for children, like Lullawraps, Lullabags, and a whole line of award-winning Sleep Friends like the Dozy Dolphin. I really want to get this Twilight Turtle for my 2 year-old for Christmas this year. This is their original award-winning product, and it's a constellation nightlight that projects a full night sky onto ceilings and walls! Kirsten's obsessed with the moon and stars, and she would love this!

Visit to order or to search for a list of retailers near you!


  1. I need one of these! That constellation star thing sounds AWESOME!

    I have a little one that gets scared... this would be perfect for her!

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