Tuesday, September 29, 2009

ImagiPlay Review!

With all the toys that have been recalled lately (even from big, reputable companies!), it's really nice to find a natural, earth-friendly toy shop that you know will be 100 percent safe for your kids. Of course I still have tons of plastic toys at my house, but I really love wooden toys! There's just something so classic about them, and you know they're awesome quality. Imagiplay
sent me this sweet little elephant rattle for Natalie, and I just had to share what an awesome website they have!
Natalie just loves sticking this cute little guy into her mouth.
Imagiplay's motto is "Toys With Integrity," and they create toys that are naturally safe, thoughtfully produced, and thoroughly fun! I love eco-friendly toys! They encourage kids' imaginations to develop, since they have to actually play with them and not just push buttons. All of these toys remind me of the wooden animals I used to love playing with when I was a little kid. I want my kids to develop just as active an imagination as I have always had!

Here are some of the toys from their website that I'd most like to have in my home:

*This Palm Tree Bead Maze is only $13! Kirsten loves playing with these, and this is one of the cutest and least expensive ones I've seen.

*Love this adorable fruit cutting set! This is a million times better than the cheap plastic food we have in Kirsten's play kitchen. The pieces are all secured together with velcro, and kids can practice cutting and role-playing! I think I'm putting this on Kirsten's Christmas list. . .

*Their Noah's Ark play set is truly one of those heirloom toys that you pass down to your grandchildren. It's beautiful! Too bad it's $104. . .

*A much more wallet-friendly alternative that's still totally cute is the award-winning Arctic Expedition play set! At $26, I think this one is going on the Christmas list too! They also have a Zoo play set and an African Safari play set, and they're all made with environmentally-friendly rubberwood and painted with child-safe paints.

*We need a good set of blocks at our house, and I'm loving these Safari Stacking Blocks! This company just sells too many cute things!

*Imagiplay is offering an awesome discount code:
Get 15% off with the coupon code 'kidstuff09'

Christmas is coming up soon! Happy shopping!


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