Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lights Out!!!

Anyone who owns a cat knows how true this statement is. . . Cats are crazy. They really are! They're independent one minute and cuddly the next, fast asleep one minute only to zing into wide-awake mode at the smallest sound, and you just can't predict how they'll behave. The other day while I was taking a shower, the bathroom light suddenly flickered and then a second later it turned off completely. My first thought was that we must have lost power, but then I noticed that the hall light was still on. I squinted over towards the light switch and discovered our cat Herbie sitting there on the sink, batting at the light switch. He had turned off the light! I had no idea he could ever do that!

Here's the crazy critter himself, sleeping with his head on my foot. I swear that cat has a foot fetish. For some reason he just loves to snuggle up around people's feet.
Herbie also has an obsession with cardboard boxes. He loves to sleep in them and hide in them, but most cats love that too. The weird thing about him is he chews on boxes too and will bite holes in them, just like a puppy! When he was a kitten he also chewed through a couple of electrical cords.

Despite all his crazy habits and sometimes naughty behavior, we adore this kitty. He's sweet, playful, cuddly when he wants to be, and is the only cat I've ever known who loves to fall asleep on my pillow with me, curled up around my face. He's also the most velvety-soft cat in the world, and anyone who has ever petted him will definitely agree!



    wow Ashley, you have yourself one amazing cat!!! ha ha!!!

    He is adorable and I can tell from the pictures that he is Smooth as Silk!!!!

  2. He is such a cute kitty! I can't wait till we can have a cat!

  3. "Devin" likes cardboard boxes, too! ;) I love the name Herbie - it fits your kitty so well. He's a cute one, he is.

  4. What a cool cat! Brings back memories of of cat I used to have that looked a lot like yours :-)

    Thanks for visiting my blog come back often cause you can't ever tell what might be on there next ...

    I LOVE your header

  5. My cat does that cardboard box thing. It always makes me get out my camera, too. How do they fit in there...? :-)

  6. What a cute kitty and a lovely family! We had a kitty, but we had to give her to some friends because our dog is allergic to cats! We always thought she acted kind of like a dog. For example, we would throw a small ball in the air and she would try to catch it. Then, this is what finally confirmed our dog theory about her: My friend tells me she sits by the window and growls at people who walk by!

  7. we once had a clever cat like this... we named him george...after the monkey... the cats we have now are just plan dull... thanks for stopping by the pak adventures... we have had a great time here in RI but are anxious to get home to seattle.

  8. I grew up having cats but now I have children who are allergic to cats. It breaks my heart. I love the picture of your cat in the dryer!

  9. that is a cute cat!

  10. CUTE!!! Yeah, my cat Hero is so smart - it's amazing what Cats can learn to do. Your cat is ADORABLE!!! Hero hasn't learned to flip the light-switch yet (thank goodness!) but he can open doors (without handles), stand on his back legs all the way up, say "Ma ' mah" & "He- woah!" haha!


    Sorry for completely disappearing lately in the commenting world - life has been so hectic lately.


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